Capital of Uruguay

Montevideo, Elegant, Tranquil And Full Of Charm

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The city is a wonderful surprise for the traveler that discovers it for the first time. Its welcoming streets move with a relaxed and serene rhythm. It is difficult to choose the city's main attractions between its elegant buildings, boulevards, charming citizenry or the quality of its gastronomy.

Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, is a unique South American destination for a peaceful holiday. The city was founded as a Spanish fortress and later became an important port. The European immigration, mainly Spanish, Portuguese, French and British left a peculiar influence in the city`s architecture, still very well preserved, with notable examples of diverse styles and movements such as art nouveau and art deco.

View of Montevideo.

This austral city boasts a wide range of cultural offerings, including its museums and theaters, however, the city itself can be considered an open-air museum of national architecture. As an additional attraction, Uruguay and its capital enjoy the longest carnival in the world —35 days of festivities—held between mid-January and late February. But if your goal were to relax in a charming environment and people-watch, your best bet would be to enjoy a light lunch or a snack at the historic Brazilian Café, opened in 1877.

Every year, Montevideo welcomes as many visitors as the country`s total population (around 3 million), and delivers a fun experience to all who come to its shores, from a day in one of its beautiful beaches, strolls through verdant parks or quaint squares, a play or concert at the famous Solis Theater, a shopping spree luxurious boutiques to visits to the Centenario soccer stadium, which hosted the first World Cup final in 1939, the Sodre Auditorium or the Maroñas race course.

A visit to its famous casinos, especially the one at the legendary Carrasco hotel, or a walk in the Rambla of Montevideo, the 15 mile avenue along the Plata River, are also attractive options enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

Solís Theater.

South America’s southernmost capital is also a modern city. With stunning skyscrapers and contemporary buildings like the Communications Tower, the city`s highest point or the futuristic new Carrasco Airport, this is a city in constant evolution to guarantee its visitors the most special attention, services and infrastructure.

Superior gastronomy is a fundamental feature of the Uruguayan capital. Delightful, succulent open fire roasts or asados are the essence of Uruguayan cuisine, and to drink, nothing compares to the traditional mate, an infusion of herbs that is a part of everyday life for Uruguayans. A mandatory visit while in Montevideo is the Mercado del Puerto, a symbol of Uruguayan culture and cuisine, ideal to enjoy a good barbecue or some fresh delicacies from the sea as octopus or squid rings fair style, of rabas a la romana. And, of course, this is the place to savor a famous drink: Medio y Medio.

Meat on the grill.

Montevideo is a cosmopolitan city with a privileged geography, pleasant climate, beautiful sites and peaceful lifestyle that captivates everyone.

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