Mauna Kea Beach Hotel: Five Decades Of Exclusivity

Federico Tibytt

The epochal Hawaiian Resort celebrates 50 years with a multimillion dollar renovation and an exclusive anniversary package that includes unique services specially created for the occasion. - See more at: https://azureazure.com/travel/mauna-kea-beach-hotel-five-decades-of-exclusivity#sthash.ErGSXilt.dpuf

“Every great beach in the world deserves a great hotel.” With these words, American financier, philanthropist and conservationist Laurance S. Rockefeller, defended his investment in 1965 to begin construction of the landmark Mauna Kea Beach Hotel in Hawaii. Five decades later, the hotel celebrates its golden anniversary with a multimillion dollar renovation, and an exclusive package featuring once in a lifetime services specially created for the occasion. Review here our selection of luxury hotels worldwide.

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

The iconic resort in Kauna’oa Beach is internationally famous for its professional golf courses. The anniversary package includes first-class airfare from any US airport; five nights stay in a spectacular suite with sea views; breakfast, lunch, dinner and VIP reservations for all the celebratory events.

“We are delighted to begin a whole year of celebrations for the 50th anniversary of our Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, which has given us countless magical moments,” says Phyllis Branco, CEO of Hawaiian resort. “With this in mind, we have created a series of exclusive service packages that include the amazing experiences available on the island, both within and outside our resort.”

Airport transfers and transportation throughout the island will be conducted by helicopter— whenever possible–including a private tour of Hawaii’s Volcano National Park. Besides the exclusive rides, the golden package features a nocturnal visit, “under the stars”, to the WM Keck Observatory, atop the Mauna Kea volcano. Additionally, an exclusive walk through the island´s forests and beaches— organized by Hawaii Forest and Trail— will be offered.

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

As an introduction to the “Farm to Table” celebration dinner, guests will visit the island’s farms and the markets, accompanied by Executive Chef Hans Lentz. They will also receive spa treatments, unlimited use of the tennis courts and golf courses, and valuable lessons from a team of professional golfers.

At a cost of $50,000, the golden celebration package—available from January 4 to December 19 of 2015—is a tribute to the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel’s heritage of luxury and first-class service. Depending on the time of year, guests will receive gifts and have access to special activities designed to enjoy the exuberant nature of the island and the exclusive comfort of the hotel.

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