Maui: Charm And Tranquility

Ana B. Remos

You don’t have to wait for the summer to visit a place where the sun always shines, nor should you wait for a special milestone in life to come here: the only essential concept you should realize is that fantasy lives within us and can be reflected, as on a mirror, on this outdoors paradise. This is what you’ll find in the pristine, calm waters of the island of Maui.

Maui no ka oi
, “Maui is the best”, is the welcoming phrase you’ll hear from the first day, a sincere mantra repeated by natives and visitors alike. Two volcanoes, joined by an isthmus, gave birth to the second largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago; one of them, Haleakala, is one of the tallest mountains in the world. Lore says that a demigod brought Maui from the bottom of the ocean. If you want to understand the reasoning behind the myth, just let yourself be dazzled by the brightness of the landscape and the deep blue of the sea, both worthy of a painting.

Photo: Max Earey / 123RF Stock Photo.

The intrepid James Cook sailed by in November 1778, but decided not to visit the island. In 1786, Jean-François de Galaup, Comte de Laperuouse, took the risk and became the first European to land on Maui. Also known as the “Magic Island” or “island of the Valley”, Maui is cooled by ocean breezes during the entire year with temperatures that hover the 68 degrees.

The island boasts an excellent selection of hotels for discerning travelers. These are set in paradisiacal valleys, beaches and waterfalls amidst lush vegetation, where visitors can practice outdoor sports like hiking through the breathtaking trails. Other irresistible attractions are Baldwin beach, a spectacular park where one can frolic in nature and Hookipa Beach, ideal for windsurfing, both favorites with locals and visitors.

Photo: idreamphoto / 123RF Stock Photo.

Offshore, there is a shallow reef of transparent waters that rival those of the Caribbean. It is home to countless presumptuous turtles. Waiehu, opposite Kite Beach at one end of the Bay, is a well-kept secret. The only warning: high-risk waves.

One of the highlights of this enchanting island is that one can cover the entire territory from North to South, by car, in half an hour, a mandatory excursion for those who appreciate sightseeing in a pristine environment. Others will also find fairy-tale hotels, luxury boutiques and excellent restaurants on the way. A side trip to enjoy the warm waters, luxuriant vegetation and tranquility of this paradise, is highly recommended. Maui’s natural beauty will dominate all the senses.

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