In Fitzcarraldo’s Footsteps

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Walter Raymond

Relive rubber merchant Fitzcarraldo’s epic journey down the Amazon in style, pampered with spa treatments and luxury accommodations.

A recent Interpol report, based on data from American intelligence services, warned of the presence of almost 200 terrorists ready for action in the world’s largest capital cities. Latent risk, supported by the most recent and tragic attacks, is generating some tendency shifts among the high-net worth traveler. Mediterranean cruises have already shifted. Famous European cities and classic destinations on the African coast are working to adapt to the new situation.
Amazon Cruises

Latin America: A Change of Scenery

This situation doesn’t mean that global cruise activity is affected. According to the Cruise Lines Industry Association (CLIA), it was estimated that more than 25 million people would take a cruise in 2017. This is not the first time the industry has had to be creative and had to come up with new ways to adapt and overcome contingencies. An example of that is the emergence of navigation outside of the usual circuits, which was listed among the five new tendencies for exclusive travel in 2017 as reported by Forbes. In this context, Latin America is becoming an alternative destination for exclusive cruises. Geopolitical disadvantage has thus turned into a comparative advantage. The classic Latin American offer of amazing places now adds security to the lot, promoting at the same time the sustained growth of eco-friendly tourism and adventure.
Amazon Cruises

Amazonas’ Charms and Mysteries

The proposals developed to attrack the niche of exclusive travelers are a blend of maximum comfort and security with the experiences of explorers and adventurers of old, such as Percy Harrison Fawcett or mythical Lope de Aguirre, both obsessed with the elusive El Dorado. The peaceful cruise along the Amazon allows travelers to experience the epic 1890 journey of Fitzcarraldo, the powerful rubber merchant and opera fanatic, portrayed by Klaus Kinski in the eponymous film directed by Werner Herzog, perhaps the most trustworthy portrait of the wild Amazon ever filmed. Most cruises in the area are made on three-story boats, very much like the one Fitzcarraldo led through the hills and the rainforest, through sheer stubbornness and a great deal of lashes from the whip.

Most cruises in the area are made on three-story boats, very much like the one Fitzcarraldo led through the hills and the rainforest.

Comfortable and Pleasant Exploration

The proposed tours include navigation through protected areas, which allows watching the amazing wildlife and the occasional presence of astonished indigenous people by the shoreline. It’s easy to understand the growing tendency to experience the Amazonian exuberance from the very comfortable and spacious cabins with their large windows and Jacuzzis. It must be mentioned that, among the services included on board, spa sessions with organic creams and lotions and the excellent regional cuisine are simply outstanding.  ■

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