A Luxurious Experience In Scotland To Celebrate The Whisky Month

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Scotland is an ancient, untamed land, rich with history and legends. Its original inhabitants were known as Picts and were known to tattoo and paint their skin as decoration. This brave population resisted the Roman Empire with such fierce tenacity that the Roman legions were never able to conquer their land.

Located to the north of England, Scotland is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. The northern area of the Scottish territory is mountainous and is known as the Highlands, further to the South are the Lowlands, where the largest cities are located.

Whisky Month in Scotland

At present, Scotland is a friendly place and a very desirable tourist destination full of incentives and unique sites. Soon, travelers will have one more reason to visit this beautiful land. Its most exclusive hotels will celebrate in May, Whisky Month, a tribute to the emblematic liquor produced in these parts whose tradition and production are centuries old.

Hundreds of events will take place across the nation, and the proud Scots will display the legendary quality of their whisky, as well as their luxury accommodations. In a year that will also see the Commonwealth Games and the anticipated Ryder Cup golf tournament, Scotland welcomes the world, eager to show all its wonders and distinctive creativity, fascinating cultural heritage, exciting cuisine, and spectacular landscapes where travelers can enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities.

The Royal Scotsman Train

Whisky Month in Scotland

A few days before the start of the celebration, the exclusive Royal Scotsman Train (See also Orient Express and Transcantábrico) will join forces with the prestigious Scotch Malt Whisky Society to offer a comprehensive five-day trip, beginning on April 28. The Royal Scotsman – the only luxury sleeper train in the United Kingdom –will take 36 lucky guests in an adventure across the country in which Scotch whisky will be the protagonist. On the return journey from Edinburgh´s Waverly station, passengers will visit some of the best whisky distilleries such as the centuries old Glen Ord and Tullibardine. Guests can also visit the Glenlivet distillery, home to the iconic malt that inspired the region of Speyside, where the most famous distilleries are located. The rate for this exclusive sojourn begins at $6.350 per person and includes a visit to the exclusive Scotch Malt Whisky Society in Leith, near the port of Edinburgh.

Old Course Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa

Whisky Month in Scotland

The most discerning travelers will have the option of going to the Hole Bar at the legendary Old Course of the St. Andrews hotel, which is home to more than 300 types of whisky representing every Scottish distillery. The hotel boasts its own label of aged single malt whisky: The Old Course. This resort, with 144 luxury rooms, has one of the most famous golf courses in the world and its own private tasting room.

The Cameron House

Whisky Month in Scotland

Located next to Loch Lomond, Cameron House is a charming hotel with 103 classic rooms and 26 suites. It is also the home of the Great Bar with a selection of over 270 whiskies, including 17 limited editions, and one made especially for the hotel. Several of the Cameron House luxury suites are themed and have the name of Scotch malt whiskies, as well as works of art associated with this renowned spirit.

Boath House

Whisky Month in Scotland

Boath House is located in the heart of the malt whisky route. This elegant country estate offers easy access to a selection of the best whisky distilleries in the world, located along the picturesque region of Speyside. The hotel boasts 20 acres of gardens and its restaurant has one Michelin star. This former family residence is famous for its cozy and intimate library, where in the evening guests are invited to taste and exemplary selection of Malt whiskies.

Spring in Scotland is the ideal season for sightseeing and to enjoy nature in all its splendor. This year, during Whisky Month, strolls around the legendary Scottish landscapes will have a unique meaning, a wonderful opportunity to enjoy its particular gastronomy and the legendary whisky that has made Scotland famous around the world.

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