Luggage, End Of Journey

Ana B. Remos

Photo: Yuanyuan Xie / 123RF Stock Photo.

Airport procedures have turned into unavoidably unpleasant moments when we travel. Airlines are usually more focused on personal attention onboard their aircraft, where conditions are usually more pleasant.

When we arrive at the airport of our destination, we have no choice but to wait for our luggage, looking anxiously at the belt, hoping to see our suitcase suddenly appear. It feels like eternity! To save their clients some aggravation, the best airlines offer VIP rooms with spa, massages, beauty treatments or the possibility of purchasing wines directly from the winery. Kudos!

Some may even throw in a fast billing service to accelerate the check-out process with a private driver for the departure as well as the arrival. It was always convenient to let our travel companions handle those odds and ends, especially when there is no time to waste because we may have a tight schedule or a connecting flight to catch.

Starting this summer, if you fly American Airlines, your luggage can arrive at your home or hotel before you do. The airline has launched a service that is innovative, although it seems someone should have thought about it before. American will send the luggage to the address indicated by the passenger for a very reasonable price, which, without a doubt, will be worthwhile as it will help us save valuable time, and concentrate in our objective: enjoying the trip. This way, presumably, our luggage should never go astray.

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