The Other La La Land: What Not to Miss in London

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Boutiques, museums, phenomenal views and first class restaurants are just some of the things that London offers visitors.

Drink tea in the afternoon, attend sun parties in the shade, and experience the best shopping and the most incredible tourist sites around the world. Multiply all of that by a million and you get London. The capital of the United Kingdom feels like ten cities combined into one with all of the activities and sites it has to offer. To take advantage of visiting London for a short amount of time this guide should do the trick! So sit back, relax and learn about all the beautiful things London has to offer.

London Subway
London Subway

For starters, it does not matter if you go from north to south or from east to west, the subway is without doubt the fastest and most efficient method for anyone who wants to explore the city. You can also use Uber, as it is still a very economical option, but it is better to avoid the big traffic jams and especially those in the downtown area.

Victoria and Albert Museum
Victoria and Albert Museum

As a first destination, visit the Victoria and Albert Museum. Here you can see exhibitions that include jewelry, works of art, fashion and furniture dating from medieval times to the present. Throughout the years, the museum has hosted innovative and radical exhibitions such as exhibitions about David Bowie and so on, which is sure to make your visit very exciting. Nearby, you can continue with your cultural itinerary and visit the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. Also, the stunning and free Wellcome Collection is in the area and a little further east, be sure to visit the architecture and design exhibits at the Barbican Center. Then head to the traditional London landmark and visit the Tower Bridge to admire the Thames and of course, the historic Tower of London.

Shakespeare and dinner 

The Globe Theatre
The Globe Theatre

No evening in London can come to an end without seeing a play. Let your first choice take place in the National Theater in the Southbank district. If you cannot get tickets on time, be sure to visit the smaller theaters, including those on Shaftesbury Avenue to see the latest musicals. And of course, there is always The Globe theater where you can see the best Shakespearean plays in the world. At this point, dinner time will have arrived, so head to the Bob Bob Ricard restaurant or enjoy a luxurious Hindu feast in Dishoom, right on Carnaby Stree. Both are extraordinary, if you are on the east side of the city try a ceviche and dessert with dulce de leche in Andina or head to the rooftop of The Boundary to enjoy the views of Canary Wharf. After that, enjoy some exquisite cocktails at The Ned or a good glass of wine at the Gordon in the Waterloo neighborhood. And, in case it’s raining, the east side also has a myriad of historic and very welcoming independent cinemas, like Picturehouse Hackney, Empire and Genesis to escape the rain.

Shopping, shopping and more purchases

The Portebello Market
The Portobello Market

The Shop at Bluebird Chelsea, the Portobello market, second-hand shops on Marylebone High Street, boutiques and concept stores at Boxpark Shoreditch offer unique pieces and a very memorable atmosphere. As a good break from an intense shopping session, enjoy a delicious tea or scented Bunhouse cocktails on Oxford Street. And when your shopping session is over, relax and enjoy the evening by a fireplace at the Number 16 hotel in the famed South Kensington neighborhood. Another great option for your stay is Lanesborough, with its famous spa, 24-hour butler service and its elegant afternoon tea session. 

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