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Leobo Private Reserve An Exclusive And Spectacular Resort

Federico Tibytt

This jewel of luxury tourism in Africa stands out for its attention to detail in every turn of its more than 8,000 hectares.

Africa is a continent rich in natural wonders. Attracting millions of tourists from all over the world, it is enjoying the high demand and is currently developing and constructing numerous luxury resorts aimed at meeting the region’s growing needs.

Leobo Private Reserve

This is the case of the Leobo Private Reserve, a vast natural area of 20,000 acres (about 8,100 hectares) that offers an all-inclusive service of accommodations and exclusive rental. The brand new complex has two buildings for guests, “The Observatory” and “The Lodge” which are rented as a whole, offering an unparalleled service of exclusivity and privacy.

“The Observatory” was originally conceived as the owners residence. Large enough for six adults and three children, it is the ideal accommodation for families and couples of all ages. This dream house was designed by two award-winning architects from Johannesburg, Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens. The residence includes terraces with panoramic views, an outdoor infinity swimming pool, very spacious rooms with private baths, whirlpools and showers lit by soaring skylights.

The complex includes a library and a special feature that gives its name to the villa: the observatory, whose copper dome houses two professional telescopes for viewing and photographing the universe, offering guests single and memorable experiences not found in other hotels or resorts.

The staff includes a butler, a top international chef and private maid service, available 24 hours. Meanwhile, “The Lodge” comprises eight luxury rooms in the style of individual cabins located on a hill, allowing for superb panoramic views of the Palala Valley. The common dining room of The Lodge captivates with its rustic yet elegant decor, where virgin woods, indigenous sculptures and stunning views abound.

Leobo Private Reserve

For fun and recreation, the resort offers helicopter tours, quads, 4×4 vehicles and horseback riding, with the advantage that every guest can choose the time most convenient for these activities. The walks within the reserve are a unique experience, as they boast spectacular views of Savannah, narrow rivers, waterfalls and natural canyons where giraffes, rhinos, zebras, buffalo and hippos roam freely. For those who prefer a safari for observing big wild felines in their habitat, the resort is just one hour from the Waterberg Reserve, where you can experience firsthand the imposing presence of these beautiful animals, adding a particular lure to the landscape.

Thanks to its proximity to large cities like Johannesburg and Pretoria, as well as one of the largest national parks in the country (Waterberg) and the excellent care devoted to this surprisingly large property of 8,000 hectares, the Leobo private reserve provides a unique service based on total exclusivity, privacy and personalization for each and every one of its guests.

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