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Kittitian Hills: The Lesser Known Caribbean

Franky M.

The resort expands over 400 acres of organic farmland at 3,ooo feet above sea level.

St. Kitts, one of the two main islands that make up the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis—located in the eastern Caribbean Sea—offers the proverbial tranquility of the lesser Antilles…and more: rainforests, lava formations, and picturesque old plantations homes.

Kittitian Hills Resort
Kittitian Hills Resort.

One of the attractions of this exotic destination is Kittitian Hill, a large project whose completion is expected to cost more than $600 million. The project is overseen by Val Kempadoo, a social entrepreneur and developer. The resort will be completed in different phases, but visitors can already enjoy the Belle Mont Farm, theIrie Field golf course, and beach club, among other amenities.

An example of sustainable tourism, this luxury resort spreads across 400 acres of organic farmland, from the slopes of Mount Liamuiga—3,000 feet above sea level—to the beach, where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic.

You may choose the Belle Mont Farm, a farm with stunning views of the rainforest. The accommodations are divided into two categories. Three are 84 guest houses with unique design: they all have a single bed, a gallery open on both sides, porch, pool and bathroom with a rain shower and separate bathtub.

Kittitian Hills Resort
The amenities are designed for relaxation, privacy, and tranquility.

On the other hand, there are 74 rural houses, more spacious, ideal for families and small groups of up to four couples, each with its private guesthouse. All the food and produce served at the resort’s restaurants is sourced from local gardens and suppliers. The cost per night starts at $2,250, and access to the spa adds another $200 per couple.

Other options include the Yaya Groves Villas, hidden among lush fields of fruit trees. They also have a golf course, restaurants and spa. Do not leave without trying the Champagne Sunday Brunch, which includes more than 30 dishes, tapas and other culinary delights.

You can escape the quotidian daily bustle, clear the mind and relax the body, by taking a 15-minute flight to Kittitian Hill from the island St. Barth, which has an important airport with frequent international connections.

Kittitian Hills could be a great alternative to visiting the lesser known Caribbean while promoting the unstoppable trend of eco-tourism.  ■

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