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The Keemala Resort: A Hotel, Four Villages, and a World in Balance

Lester Darias

A heavenly resort that provides relaxation for body and soul inspired by four fictitious clans from the Thai island of Phuket.

The Keemala Resort is one of those places whose philosophy is based on a suite of beliefs, a mixture of science and lore. Visitors can dissipate stress following the philosophy of the four fictitious clans that settled on the island of Phuket centuries ago.

Blessed with a pleasant climate, Phuket has captivated travelers since time immemorial. It boasts beautiful, crystal-clear waters and lush tropical forests. At Keemala, the traditional Thai culture conspires to offer guests a stay that feels more like a fairy tale than reality.

Keemala Resort

The Keemala Resort is one of those places whose philosophy is based on a suite of beliefs, a mixture of science and lore.

Four hotels in one

The Keemala resort consists of four different villages, conceived following the legacy of each of the four clans that—according to legend—made this land their home. All are equipped with a private pool and large outdoor spaces that put the visitor in contact with the surrounding landscape.

Clay Pool Cottages, for example, evokes the homes of farmers, gardeners, and fishermen who believed that being connected to the land was good for their health. Members of the Pa-Ta-Pea Clan built their homes on the ground floor and incorporated clay in their walls, ceilings, and furniture.

The village’s 16 cabins have a shower and separate bathtub on the outside, and also an indoor bathroom equipped with a fabulous monsoon shower.

Keemala Resort

The Tent Pool Village—equally as luxurious—is inspired in the Khon-Jorn Clan. Shepherds, artists, traders and explorers, this group of wanderers preferred semi-permanent lodging because of their nomadic lifestyle. The seven cabins built in their honor offer privileged and spectacular views of the jungle.

In the nearby Tree Pool Houses—which hang from the trees like birds’ nests—the healers, architects, and leaders of the We-ha Clan possessed a deep understanding of their universe and believed their homes should be elevated–off the ground–to stimulate creativity. Among many other features, these cabins offer guests a private pool high above.

Accommodations at the Bird’s Nest Pool Villas are a vision of the opulent past of the Nok Clan. All cabins offer a controlled climate environment and beds dressed with the finest Egyptian cotton.
In search of inner balance

Guests come to Keemala to escape the hectic pace of modern life and rid the body of stress. The resort specializes in taking equal care of body, and spirit.

The professionals at Mala Holistic Spa fuse modern techniques with the traditional Thai medicine. Through massage, Reiki, and other ancient techniques, they take guests through a sacred healing journey to ease the mind while energizing and refreshing the body.

Keemala Resort

The resort offers several holistic retreats that help unify the chakras and concentrate on the things that really matter in life. Guests can learn about kinesiology, aromatherapy, vibrational harmony and traditional Chinese medicine.

But this heavenly environment would be incomplete without a balanced diet, and the resort offers different types of menus, or they can also personalize your diet while you enjoy a blissful holiday.
At the restaurant, guests can delight on The Healthy Life Menu–based on slow cooked, raw, macrobiotic food. They can also order vegetarian, gluten free, wheat free, dairy and sugar-free dishes.

Keemala is an ideal place for couples, to share with a group of friends, or to organize an event as important as a wedding. Whatever the case, visitors will go back to their daily routines feeling rejuvenated and ready to face new professional and personal challenges.  ■

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