Faro Isla Pancha: a Lighthouse Hotel is the Ultimate Kind of Luxury

Marta Burgues

A nineteenth century lighthouse is now a luxurious hotel, where you can experience the best the Galician coast has to offer.

Located in the estuary of Ribadeo, Lugo, in Spain’s northwestern Galician coast, Faro Isla Pancha is the first lighthouse of its kind in the country where tourists can stay.

Inside, two apartments have been built overlooking the sea. They maintain the uniqueness of the original construction, combined with modern spaces and avant garde installations. Get to know the lush surroundings and relaxed vibes of the Galician coast, all while staying in an exclusive nineteenth century lighthouse.

Faro Isla Pancha
Faro Isla Pancha. / All photos: © PF1 Interiorismo.

The Faro Isla Pancha was built in 1857 and is one of the most iconic in northern Spain. PF1 Interiorismo, the design firm helming this project, has created a calm atmosphere in transforming the space from the home of a 19th century watchman into a tourist pied-à-terre. To do this, they kept some original elements and added high levels of comfort, encouraging visitors to disconnect and just listen to the peaceful sounds of the ocean.

Faro de Isla Pancha en Lugo
Inside Faro Isla Pancha.

Interiorismo explains that the most complicated task was being able to convert such a pragmatic, purpose-built building into something suitable for hospitality, without skimping on any element of luxury or comfort. This gives some insight into the history of the project: a highest-level hospitality endeavor.

Faro Isla Pancha. PF1 Interiorismo
Inside the watchtower.

With a square base, the lighthouse houses two unique, suite-style apartments, each capable of sleeping four people, each with its own garden. There’s luxury in every detail of these apartments: fully equipped kitchen, with state of the art appliances and bathrooms, where you can take a bath with a full view of the ocean.

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Key to this building is the respect to its surroundings, which are brought inside through the windows, ensuring that at no moment anyone can possibly forget they are living inside a lighthouse. Because of this, the tower at the center of the house has been re-purposed so that guests can climb up and contemplate the views from above.

Faro de Isla Pancha en Lugo

Indirect lighting is achieved through LED technology, which is both in the ceilings and the floors. This creates an intimate atmosphere inside Faro Isla Pancha through its multifunctional baseboards and overhangs designed by Belgian firm Orac Decor.

Wilderness with an incredible view

Ribadeo is a municipality situated in the extreme northwest of Spain’s Galician coast. Although it is part of the Lugo Province, it borders the Principality of Asturias.

The beaches and cliffs of Isla Pancha are destinations themselves. Chief amongst these is the Beach of the Cathedrals, which has been named a natural monument by Galicia’s environmental council. The As Illas beach is memorable for its rocky formations and blue-green waters. Meanwhile, the estuary itself is the most memorable feature of the landscape, and allows visitors to enjoy both the outdoors and diverse ecology of the region, as it’s a great location for water activities.

Faro de Isla Pancha en Lugo

Thanks to the high quality seafood, Isla Pancha is home to excellent gastronomy, such as octopus, clams, calamari from the estuary, grouper, sea bream, and sea bass. Within the municipality there are shops to buy award-winning gourmet products, with Certificates of Origin and Geographical Indications: Galician wines, spirits, and traditional liquors, along with cheeses, meats, and produce.

The best way to get to Ribadeo is flying into the Aeropuerto de Asturias in Aviles, about an hour away by car. The airports in A Coruña and Santiago are the next closest. Ribadeo also has a small airstrip in Vilaframil. You have no excuse to miss your next vacation in this unique and breathtaking lighthouse. ■

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