Hotel El Ganzo – A Unique Subculture in Los Cabos

Brandon Schultz

Hotels across the world have noticed travelers’ burgeoning penchant for art, but few have as complete a culture of creation and expression as Hotel El Ganzo in San José del Cabo. Learn more about this unique hotel and what sets it apart from other travel destinations.

At the very tip of the Baja Peninsula, flanked on either side by the unruly Pacific Ocean or the tranquil Sea of Cortez, Cabo San Lucas is the western Mexican resort best known for its energetic nightlife. About 20 miles northeast rests San Lucas’s quieter counterpart, San José del Cabo, in more historic, serene surroundings, however here is where you’ll find the hottest hotel in Los Cabos.

Hotel El Ganzo
Exterior of Hotel El Ganzo

At the base of the Puerto Los Cabos marina, Hotel El Ganzo goes beyond merely embracing local culture, creating one all its own.

Hotel El Ganzo
Guest Room at Hotel El Ganzo

The rise of the art boutique hotel has made impressive art collections nearly as important as dramatic pools to a certain demographic of discerning traveler, but Hotel El Ganzo doesn’t just collect art—it creates it. Through its innovative in-residency programs showcasing visual, musical and culinary artists, guests are absorbed into a virtual vortex of ever-evolving culture ranging from in-the-moment experiences to more permanent installations. While the five-star experience is an unwavering constant at this chic property, the sights, sounds and flavors of any two visits are never identical.

Hotel El Ganzo
Artist Public Space at Hotel El Ganzo

Hotel El Ganzo was constructed with all-white interior and exterior walls but, like any canvas, it was never intended to remain that way. El Ganzo’s art curator carefully selects artists-in-residence, usually from around Mexico, to make their marks on the property both in public and private spaces. Each chosen artist leaves behind a large-scale piece in a public space, either interior or exterior, including the property’s waterfront grounds and nearby swimmable beach.  These additions are approved in advance of the artist’s stay, but what happens inside the artist’s room is entirely unsupervised, bringing unique flavor to each room that has hosted one of the creators.

Some repeat guests prefer to stay in the same room, cultivating an intimate connection to the otherwise unseen artwork found only within, while others adopt a treasure-hunting mentality, discovering the hidden creations throughout El Ganzo’s 70 deluxe rooms ranging from 387-square-foot Deluxe Rooms to the epic 3900-square-foot Very Large Suite, featuring two bedrooms and walk-in closets larger than some studio apartments.

Hotel El Ganzo
Artist Personal Space at Hotel El Ganzo

While many properties now boast original art collections, few have their own sound. El Ganzo not only has its own music channel accessible in rooms and beyond, but the tracks broadcast here are recorded in the property’s underground recording studio. A trapdoor in the floor of Downstairs Restaurant leads to a state-of-the-art facility where musicians-in-residence escape to record in El Ganzo’s nurturing underbelly.  Above ground, a rooftop infinity pool (complete with an elevated glass hot tub) serves as a stunning backdrop to one of the property’s multiple performance venues.

Hotel El Ganzo
Underground Recording Studio at Hotel El Ganzo

Hotel El Ganzo’s newest pioneering leap toward total cultural immersion is also one of its most unique. The chef residency program brings noteworthy chefs to be inspired by the vibe of the property and the ingredients of the region, culminating in a distinctive tasting menu at the end of the chef’s stay. Like any artistic performance, limited reservations are available for these singular dinners, but chefs are sure to leave behind traces of their influence long after they depart, as surely as the music and visual spectacle of El Ganzo’s other artists-in-residence remain and evolve.

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