Hotel Chocolat In Saint Lucia

Sara Fifi Castany

With 55 stores around the world, you may have had the good fortune to sample the luxury delicacies of the British chocolatier, Hotel Chocolat. As the story goes, its founders set off to buy a cocoa plantation in the Caribbean and upon seeing Rabot Estate in the island of Saint Lucia, immediately knew this was the place.

Hotel Chocolat
Infinity Pool at Club Boucan.

Perched 1,000 feet above sea level just outside the old French Capital, Soufriere on the South Coast, the resort offers perfect views of the iconic Twin Piton mountains. Here is where nature, plantation chic and of course chocolate come together to create a unique travel experience.

“We are located on the oldest working cocoa estate, giving you the opportunity to graft your own cocoa seedling and make your own chocolate bar,” said Hotel Chocolat’s Serena Fidgett. Whether it’s sipping a Cocoa Bellini by the pool, or savoring their Yellow Fin Tuna with Cacao Pesto, chocoholics will rejoice in the many unique ways their favorite ingredient is presented.

Hotel Chocolat
1. Club Boucan. / 2. Pool at Club Boucan. / 3. Boucan Restaurant. / 4. Boucan Restaurant.

The hotel offers six lodges surrounding a garden courtyard with views of the Petit Piton, and eight larger luxe lodges with private verandahs that overlook the ocean and both Pitons. While still a work in progress, their newest addition is the Cocoa Juvenate Spa. Once again making good use of the cacao beans that are packed with minerals and antioxidants, they offer relaxing messages, wraps and facials in treatment rooms overlooking lush tropical views.

Hotel Chocolat
1. Cacao inspired massage. / 2. Cacao Cuisine at Boucan Restaurant. / 3. Cocoa pod interior.

The resort’s stylish Boucan Restaurant takes pride in using only fresh vegetables and seafood from the island. Their savory, one-of-a-kind dishes, have already made it a St. Lucia favorite. But the best part of your stay at Hotel Chocolat just might be the opportunity to lounge in its infinity pool while overlooking the most amazing views of the island many consider the most beautiful in the West Indies. Priceless.

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