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Grand Hotel Rimini: More Than 100 Years Of Luxurious Italian Hospitality

Nicholas Sterling

A beachfront location, stunning decor and luxurious atmosphere, make this hotel the ideal place to enjoy the Italian Riviera

Built in the early part of the last century and located in the heart of a stunning park overlooking the Adriatic Sea, the Grand Hotel Rimini is universally considered one of the most prestigious hotels on the Italian Riviera.

Grand Hotel Rimini

Lured by the magical atmosphere that permeates its rooms, artists and filmmakers have chosen the Grand Hotel as the backdrop for several films. In fact, the unforgettable Italian director Federico Fellini shot here his famous film Amarcord. Fellini was a full-time guest of the hotel for many years. In recognition, one of its best accommodations is called the “Fellini Suite”.

For its beachfront location, decor and luxurious atmosphere, the Grand Hotel stands as an ideal destination for an exclusive holiday. Its Liberty façade, nearly two hundred rooms, exotic gardens, extensive terraces, and first-class restaurant, have made the Grand Hotel Rimini one of the most charming places to stay in all of Italy. More luxury hotels and exclusive destinations.

Grand Hotel Rimini

Since opening in 1908, the hotel stood out as one of the major attractions of the Mediterranean, quickly becoming an exclusive holiday destination for the jet set of the Belle Epoque. A fire destroyed the original building in 1920 and then it was bombed during World War II, but none of these dramatic passages diminished its fame. Rather, the historical events and frequent renovations made the hotel even more fascinating. In 1994, the building was declared a National Monument and placed under the protection of Italy’s Ministry of Fine Arts.

The Grand Hotel Rimini has 117 rooms, including three Royal suites and nine junior suites, all fitted with elegance and refinement. With an exquisite décor, the rooms are real works of art. Spacious and unique, all feature original furniture and accessories as well as 18th-century Venetian chandeliers. This perfect combination of luxury and modernity is also reserved for guests of the Residenza Parco Fellini, adjacent to the main hotel building, with 51 extra rooms —including three junior suites— decorated in neoclassical style and equipped with cutting edge technology.

Grand Hotel Rimini

The hotel’s restaurant, La Dolce Vita, is second to none. Guests will find good taste and fine Italian and international cuisine in perfect tandem. Decorated in Liberty style and adorned with flamboyant Venetian chandeliers and frescoed ceilings, La Dolce Vita has several rooms that can accommodate up to 600 diners.

The Grand Hotel Rimini maintains the luxury and magnificence of its heyday and is an ideal place to stay in the ever beautiful and exclusive Italian Riviera.

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