Grace Cafayate: A Resort Surrounded by Stunning Landscapes and Vineyards in Northwestern Argentina

Federico Tibytt

The Grace hotel chain has erected a delightful tourist resort in Cafayate, consisting of luxury villas and private condominiums, a luxurious spa, first class cuisine, a polo field, and a splendid golf course.

Grace Hotels is an international hospitality group that owns and manages a constellation of boutique hotels whose aim is to break with the usual concept of hotel chains, giving each of its resorts unique and unrepeatable identities.

Present in Greece, the United States, Panama, Italy, Switzerland, Morocco and Argentina, each of their accommodations offers exclusive services with distinct characteristics. The hotels complement the cultural identity, traditions, cuisine, and landscape of each place. One of the most striking examples is Grace Cafayate in Argentina, a rural getaway nestled among vineyards.

Cafayate is a town in the province of Salta in the northwest of the country. The area is internationally recognized for its upland vineyards, which produce excellent grapes for wine production. But what makes it a dream city is the stunning mountain scenery, with multi-colored hills of towering heights.

Leveraging the benefits of the location and the rich cultural traditions of the area, the company built—in Cafayate—a beautiful tourist complex consisting of a luxury boutique hotel, tourist villas, and private condominiums complemented by a luxurious spa, first class cuisine, a polo field and a splendid golf course.

The key to the service of Grace Cafayate is customization. When booking, guests receive a form where they can select all meals according to their individual tastes, their favorite aromas, and the comfort features of their rooms, as well as personal care products.

The decor and architecture of the resort are incorporated into the landscape, featuring luxurious buildings with rustic stone walls and furniture made with noble materials, such as solid wood and leather upholstery, all perfectly combined with all the latest technology.

The Grace suites measure 79 square meters (850 square feet) and all feature terraces of 18 square meters (193 square feet). They are delicately decorated with understated luxury; emphasizing the stunning panoramic views to the east and north, true postcard images of towering snow-capped mountains and neat vineyards in the valleys.

For those who want more privacy—and a more homey feel—the available villas are small houses between 150 and 170 square meters (about 1600 to 1800 square feet) equipped with the same level of luxury facilities of the hotel. But, they also have a dining room, kitchen, and private sitting room, as well as relaxing terraces of 60 square meters (800 square feet).

This haven of total enjoyment could not be complete without a top-level cuisine from a restaurant that serves regional and international dishes, with special emphasis in the famous Argentine “asados” (grilled meats) and fine wines from local wineries. In fact, the resort features a wine bar with daily tastings individually designed for each of their guests.

Grace Cafayate delivers an intense exploration of the landscapes, traditions, tastes and cultures of northern Argentina in a luxurious environment where each guest receives personalized care. It certainly is an excellent way to explore new and exciting international destinations.

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