A European Tour Filled With Art, Culture And Exclusive Visits Via Private Jet

Federico Tibytt

With strategic insight, this year the Four Seasons hospitality network flaunts its exclusivity with a unique offering: a tour of the world’s major cities in a luxurious Boeing 757 for just 52 guests, who will stay in the most impressive suites of the exclusive hotel chain before and after visiting historic sites and cultural landmarks in each location. Without a doubt, this is a very tempting proposal.

Four Seasons
Milan Cathedral.

Getting together with friends or family, chartering a private jet and enjoying exclusively tailored holidays is a travel trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years. With this service package, the Four Seasons is caters to this growing exclusive market.

The hotel chain launched a new itinerary titled Backstage with the Arts, which will take place from the 20th of April of this year until May 5th, 2015. It includes six European destinations known for their artistic and cultural contributions. Travellers will stay in the network’s luxurious hotels and will move between the cities in exclusive flights especially prepared for the event, featuring a private chef and a staff trained to deliver the distinctive services that characterizes the Four Seasons hotels.

The itinerary includes Lisbon, with a private visit, after hours, to Jeronimos Monastery, and later cocktails and appetizers at the stunning private courtyards of the monastery; Milan, where guests will visit the spectacular Dome, and will have access to restricted areas of the old cathedral which are usually closed to the general public.

Four Seasons

Next is Istanbul, visiting the Cistern Basilica—the oldest of its kind and famous for its columns and mysterious catacombs—and the ancient church of St. Sophia. Originally built as an Orthodox basilica, Hagia Sofia later became a mosque and today is a historic museum.

Four Seasons
St. Petersburg.

The tour also includes the Baltic city of St. Petersburg, with a private visit to St. Isaac Cathedral and a gala at the Pavlovsk, one of the most glorious palaces of imperial Russia. Then the travellers will be off to Prague, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, where they will be treated to a night of music at the legendary State Opera Theatre, where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart premiered Don Giovanni in 1787. The tour ends in Paris, with a private dinner at the Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel Tower.

This dream journey, full of luxury and culture, is priced starting at $ 69,000 per person. Only 52 lucky guests will enjoy this unique tour of the old continent, with a smart and exquisite invitation by the Four Seasons.

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