The Faena Hotel, Luxury And Eccentricity In Buenos Aires

Veronica Boix

There is no place in Buenos Aires like the Faena Hotel, where the rooms, art, gastronomy and design give new meaning to avant-garde sophistication.

The Faena Hotel is distinguished by boldness and great design. This is the first step in a cultural project envisioned by the Argentinean developer and entrepreneur Alan Faena, who managed to turn an almost deserted wasteland along the Rio de la Plata into the epicenter of the most luxurious lifestyle in all Buenos Aires.

Thanks to the talent of the famous French architect Philippe Starck, the El Porteño building— a huge silo built in 1902 —was transformed into a constellation of exquisitely extravagant rooms. With the idea that every urban experience should lead to a new awareness, stimulate the senses and generate higher quality of life, every detail of the hotel exudes luxury: its suites feature sofas adorned with 18K gold, Baccarat crystals, red velvet curtains, Egyptian cotton sheets and lapacho floors.

Faena Hotel

The same concept expands to the absence of traditional concierges: an experienced manager or personal assistant will be at hand at all times to offer their services to the guests and advise them on the unique experience that is getting to know the city and its many secrets.

Originality and modernity enliven the common areas on the ground and the first floor, which conform the space shared by permanent residents of El Porteño and guests of the hotel. There you will find El Mercado, a restaurant inspired by the old European markets, with a lively, informal atmosphere. The eatery seeks to rescue the traditional Argentinian cuisine through the use of local produce and traditional rural methods, like the mythical clay oven or the typical open-air roasting, whose excellence has turned the place into a kind of a gastronomic legend. Other dining spots in the city.

Each space at Faena Hotel acquires a particular dimension. Instead of a traditional bar, there is a place called The Library Lounge, surrounded by couches, a fireplace and a huge library. The vibrant and unique atmosphere that evokes the glamour of the 1920s turns this place into a sophisticated background for elite nightlife, a mandatory meeting point of the cosmopolitan vanguard of Buenos Aires.

Art and culture in all their forms are also present in the various areas of the hotel. Each space has a distinct sound in a display of the finest music from around the world. The two in-house theaters offer a fine selection of tango shows, plays, rock or chamber music.

Faena Hotel

And, of course, there is the classic Bistro, a restaurant that transports guests to the 19th century thanks to its meticulous decor inspired by the Belle Époque, with red and gold accents that stand out in a striking white environment.

Nowhere in Buenos Aires will you experience luxury as at the Faena Hotel, where the rooms, art, gastronomy and design give new meaning to avant-garde sophistication.

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