Estancia Cristina: A Refuge Among Glaciers And Mountains, Far Away From Everything Familiar

Walter Raymond

Estancia Cristina, part of Argentina’s Los Glaciares National Park, welcomes exclusive guests in search of unique experiences in contact with nature.

The landscape of the deep Patagonia consists of endless mountains, pristine lakes, imposing glaciers and wild plains where the winds blow with uncanny strength. These lands—removed from the world and nestled between the southern mountains—are a refuge from the bustle of city life. The region is rich with mysteries legends, and pioneers such as the Englishman Percival Joseph Masters, who along with his wife Jessie, founded Estancia Cristina, in 1914. The estate is located in the southwestern part of the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina.

Estancia Cristina

Rumors of fabulous ownerless rangelands on the shores of a large lake, somewhere in the distant Blue Mountains, prompted Masters to venture towards these fabled lands. He raised money, bought horses and cattle, and embarked with his family on an epic journey through the Patagonian plains in pursuit of his dream. After several years and adventures, he arrived at their promised land and named it after his daughter Cristina. Today, the property is part of Los Glaciares National Park and welcomes exclusive visitors seeking unique experiences in contact with nature.

The 50-mile long Uppsala Glacier–one of the largest in the park–is one of the main attractions at Estancia Cristina. To get the best views of this natural wonder, you must travel about 10 miles from the estate on mountain roads. followed by a short walk to the eastern front of the glacier. The sight of the grand glacier is a moving experience, and watching the Continental Ice Field emerging majestically between the Andes, will touch your heart and soul. Review our selection of luxury hotels and destinations.

Estancia Cristina

Spending a few days in this intoxicating geography will bring you closer to nature. Estancia Cristina is an ideal starting point for exploring the mountains and glaciers of the deep Patagonia. The accommodations feature five cabins overlooking the stunning North Hills, Pfeiffer and Moyano, and their hanging glaciers. The Estancia offers weary travelers refreshing international cuisine and excellent service. You must taste the celebrated Patagonian lamb, and other dishes lovingly prepared with only the freshest local products. The wine list is a tour through the legendary wine regions of Argentina.

Estancia Cristina

Estancia Cristina is also an idyllic place for fishing enthusiasts. The Caterina River meanders through gracious ponds teeming with rainbow trout (Mykiss Oncorhynchus). Sports fishermen also visit every February, when large specimens of Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus Tshawytscha) come to spawn.

Guest can access Estancia Cristina through an exclusive boat from Punta Bandera Harbor, very close to the small town of El Calafate, the starting point for any Patagonian experience.

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