Escape Hunt: Play to be Sherlock Holmes in Miami

Graciela Mrad

In downtown Miami, this new escape room offers three different role-play stories in which participants have to solve a great mystery. Graciela Mrad writes about this new and fun activity in the city.

Created in the United Kingdom, Escape Hunt also known as Escape Rooms is one of the world’s largest games of its kind. It is an innovative interactive game, that is ideal to partake in with family, friends or colleagues and is located in 50 cities around the world, such as Paris, Dubai, Sydney, Tokyo and Houston, among others and now there is a one of a kind escape room in Miami.

Crack the code or solve the riddle

Escape Hunt is an ideal activity for groups of two to six people, from 12 years and up, that consists of solving a mystery in 60 minutes, using hidden clues, different contraptions, mental and physical dexterity, and detective sense, to face challenges and adverse situations, in order to emerge victorious from the room in, which you are trying to escape.

The experience begins at a Victorian-style reception where a snack will be served, and where a Game Master will explain the game, making sure each person is ready to fulfill the mission. For this, the compartments throughout the reception are designed with the most modern technology, which is used within the designs of the different Escape Hunts around the world.

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The Miami headquarters has three games: Miami Nightmare, Blackbeard’s Treasure and Missing from the Speakeasy.

Miami Nightmare

The participants are FBI agents who are investigating the mysterious deaths committed in 1992 by the serial killer known as the Miami Slasher. After arduous investigations, the group believes they have found the murderer and the scene where the crimes were committed.

Escape Hunt

However, the Meteorological Service has just announced that a hurricane will touch land within the next 60 minutes. The group must gather enough evidence before the hurricane destroys everything, endangering the operation and allowing the suspect to flee. The room is set with decapitated bodies, storm sounds and strong winds, causing terror to flood the city.

Of course: no selfies or live broadcasts on Facebook or Instagram are allowed, as the group does not want the killer to locate them with his GPS. This is the most popular game and the most sinister, since “people like to be scared, as in Halloween,” says Noelle Barraque, owner of the place. In addition, it is the only one in which participants must be 16 or older.

Blackbeard’s Treasure

The name refers to the 18th century English pirate, famous for his ability to hide his treasures. Some fishermen found an abandoned boat off the coast of Miami. After hearing the stories of the most famous pirate of all time, they decide to find his legendary treasure. They have an hour to find it before the ship sinks and sends them to the depths of the sea, like Titanic.

Missing from the Speakeasy

During the prohibition of the sale of alcohol (or Prohibition) in the 1930s in the United States, a dancer from a Parisian-style cabaret in Miami disappears from the face of the Earth. Detectives must find her before the show starts.

In addition to being fun, the game brings out qualities in the participants that they might not have known that they had, resulting in each member taking on different roles such as the leader, the dreamer, the one who solves problems, the one who takes risks.

Barraque points out that Escape Hunt is very popular with companies and businesses as well, since its directors usually use it as an event for end of the year parties, and also as a way to meet new employees, or to integrate different departments of the company, such as Marketing, Finance, etc.

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At the end of the adventure, the group can take pictures with Sherlock Holmes style clothing. And mark their case as solved. ■

For more information contact or 786.577.0990. They can also be reached via social media at Twitter: @EscapeHuntmia, Facebook: EscapeHuntmia, Instagram: escapehuntmia and their website:

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