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Private Yacht Charters: The Best Way to Enjoy Your Luxury Vacation

Susana Ramudo

You don’t need to own a private yacht to enjoy a luxury vacation at sea. Learn how private yacht charter companies can make your dream come true. From personal trainer, private chef or nanny to pricing and the best yachting destinations in the world, we bring you the insider’s look.

Travelers looking for optimum confort, luxury, and privacy are opting for private yacht rentals to visit the most remote corners of the world in their vacations. Nowadays, it is not necessary to own a private yacht to enjoy the comfort and convenience of sailing the seven seas. Private yacht charters are can make your dream come true and take you and your family and friends in a magical journey to your preferred destination in every continent.

Private Yacht Charters
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Charter companies offer infinite possibilities to accommodate your needs. Motor and sailboats are more available today than at any time in history. Classic or modern, chartering a private yacht could be the most convenient choice. It only depends on your personal preference, the number of guests, and your destination.

A 257 ft. motor yacht offers comfortable accommodation for 12 passengers on their way to spending the summer in the Mediterranean or the winter in the Caribbean. It will cost you $900,000 a week. If you prefer a classic 180 ft. sailboat for eight on the Pacific, be ready to pay $300,000 a week. The package can also include amenities and services such as crew, private chef, trainers, and daycare services for the children, making sure you are pleased and ready for an unforgettable sojourn.

The list of available destinations in every continent is endless, but it is advisable to consider the weather and the season before setting sail. Europeans take to their own backyard. The French and Italian Rivieras, Venice, Croatia, the Greek and Balearic Islands, Corsica, Sardinia or Turkey are some of the historic routes of the Mediterranean.

Private Yacht Charters

The Cote d’Azur is a popular destination with stops in old fishing villages like Villefranche, Cap-Ferrat—nearby Portofino, Italy—Porto Cervo (for the best bellinis) as well as spectacular ports such as Montecarlo and Saint Tropez. All within reach of five-star hotels and exquisite restaurants.

The Greek Islands are the classic starting point for those who wish to relax in the deep blue waters of the Aegean. Rich with history and mythology, you can choose a different port every day: Tinos, Mykonos, Delos, Paros and beautiful Santorini … laid back villages steeped in nature, pristine waters and fine sand. This was the playground of the Onassis clan as they frequented Tinos, Mykonos, Delos, Paros, and the beautiful Santorini. These enchanting islands and towns are surrounded by pristine natural landscapes and crystal clear waters and dotted by the postcard-perfect white houses and buildings crowned by distinctive blue domes.

If you are looking for overwhelming vistas, the best food and relaxed atmosphere, the Balearic Islands are Spain’s answer to the nighttime blues. Worshiped by Germans and Brits, mandatory stops include elegant Palma de Mallorca, hip Ibiza, and layback Formentera.

Private Yacht Charters

The Caribbean is arguably the most beautiful body of water on the planet, and the favorite yachting options are the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands or the lesser-known Leeward Islands. The proximity of the Bahamas to the US makes them especially attractive for island hopping weekend getaways. The Virgin Islands are a collection of small islets, many of them uninhabited and surrounded by the serenity many sailors seek. This route is also recommended for practicing water sports in direct contact with nature. The volcanic archipelago, splashed by natural parks and nature reserves allows you to discover the flora and fauna of these parts. The most famous of the Leeward Islands are Anguilla and Dominica. Both provide the opportunity to explore different cultures, coral reefs, massive volcanoes and a safe harbor.

The Indian Ocean also has superlative destinations, such as Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius or Andaman Islands dot the western and central latitudes of the Indian. You may need more time to explore these waters, given the vastness of the area and the individual character of each island nation. Seychelles alone is made up of more than 115 islands, known as “The Garden of Eden”. Further east in Southeast Asia, seafarers are privy to the wonders of Phuket, Malaysia, and Bali, famous for beautiful beaches, charming locals and unsurpassed commitment to service.

Fiji, Tahiti, Tonga, the Solomon Isles and the Micronesian atolls are a surfer’s paradise, remote and reserved for those lucky enough to reach these shores. From Sydney, you can explore eastern Australia and the surrounding islands. The Whitsundays and Hook, Tasmania, Auckland and the Marlborough Sounds are most appreciated when taking in the best Sauvignon Blanc in the world produced in New Zealand.

But if you do not want to leave North America, historic New England, spectacular Alaska or the extraordinary Riviera Maya in Mexico offer excellent ports of call that would make any sailing dream come true.  ■

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