Domaine Du Murtoli: A Piece Of Heaven In Corsica

Patricia Abaroa

In a place that seems to resist the passage of time, visitors can enjoy the blessings of country life, slowly and away from our busy schedules.

Domaine du Murtoli, a luxury estate with private villas for rent, stretches over 6,000 acres in the mountainous French island of Corsica. Here, 17 shepherd’s houses have been transformed to take on a new life as luxury rental homes. The estate showcases the best that nature has to offer: shady forests, white sand beaches, rolling mountains, gorgeous greenery and dazzling views of the surrounding Mediterranean Sea.

Domaine de Murtoli

Domaine du Murtoli is a rustic getaway with amenities and activities for every taste. Those seeking relaxation can enjoy an excellent meal, a glass of wine from the on-site winery or a gentle stroll through one of the many bucolic trails. Hunting, fishing and horseback riding are available for the more adventurous.

Since the 16th century, shepherd’s houses and sheepfolds, cows and sheep fill the valley, paving the way for farming throughout the region. In 1994, the area became re-energized and began its transformation. It was then that Paul Canarelli inherited the vast piece of land from his grandfather and, as an homage to him, began restoration on a sheepfold. Domaine du Murtoli has since flourished into what it is today: a manifestation of Canarelli’s devotion to Corsica. Paul’s wife, Valerie, is also a huge part of Domaine du Murtoli’s success. She takes great pleasure in providing an extraordinary experience for every visitor.

Domaine de Murtoli

Each home is isolated in its breathtaking scenery and never feels overtly modern. In fact, the design respects the local traditions of patrician architecture with high ceiling arches, terracotta floors, thick stone walls and timbered ceilings. A mix of antique and traditional furnishings, wood burning fireplaces, fully equipped kitchens, and wine cellars overflow with a unique luxury that is cohesive with nature, never excessively decorated or uncharacteristically opulent. Villas, ranging in size and housing anywhere from 2 to 13 visitors, are available with views of the Mediterranean Sea, the countryside and the valley.

Murtoli relies heavily on nature for tours, dining and adventures for guests. There are two restaurants: the Grotto, a transformed natural cave and the Beach restaurant, where guests can take in the sand and the ocean breeze nestled between olive trees. Every meal at Murtoli is prepared using the freshest ingredients that come directly from the land and sea. Catering services and baskets are also available for picnics and excursions.

Those who love to fish can enjoy sea and river fishing while golf lovers have a Kyle Phillips designed golf course that respects the folds of the land and provides exceptional views. There are a wide variety of trails for horse-back riding on hills, beaches, forests, rocky terrain and even on the river’s edge. Hunting, an ancestral tradition in Corsica, also has its place at the estate and guests are invited to bring along their hunting dogs.

This Corsican paradise can provide a form of luxury that strays, in the most natural of ways, from conventionality. In a location that seems rather untouched by time, guests can free their minds of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax by Corsica’s unforgettable landscapes.

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