Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch, a new luxury retreat in London

J.M. Towers

In Shoreditch, one of the most fascinating districts of the British capital, the Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch is a glamorous and novel place.

Long before it became known as one of the most glamorous and novel lodgings in London, the Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch, which is located in the bohemian and elegant district of Shoreditch, London, was previously known as being a magistrate court where famous criminals such as the fearsome Kray twins and the most famous London gangs of the sixties were tried in court.

Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch
El bar con una divertida Gioconda “en prisión”. / Todas las fotos: © Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch.

Playing off the hotel’s illustrious past, the Jailhouse Bar, which utilizes interior design to pay homage to the building’s former use, showcases a large painting of the Mona Lisa, handcuffed behind bars as she gazes on mysteriously over the blue leather stools throughout the bar.

As a result, the Courthouse, which has undergone many changes over the years, is seen as one of the most colorful transformations throughout the city. During the time that I lived in London, which was a few years before the 2012 Olympic Games, I saw many changes occur. Due to these changes the area has transformed into one of the most modern and visited cities in the world today, with some of the most reputable changes seen in the Shoreditch neighborhood.

Shoreditch, which is located north of London City and moves in both directions along Shoreditch High Street with the Old Street boundary on one side and the famous Hoxton neighborhood on the other, saw various urban modifications in anticipation of the 2012 Olympics. As a result of these changes, the area became one of the coolest spots in London surrounded by a multitude of restaurants, fashion stores, nightclubs and art galleries, resulting in an influx of artists, musicians and professionals to the area.

Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch

The transformation of the area was so profound that I remember asking my landlady, Margaret, about the changes, in which she proudly said, “Twenty years ago, half of the neighborhood was nothing, and now it’s a wonderful place!”

One of these major changes included the grand opening of the Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch, which opened last year, as a five-star accommodation on Old Street about 100 meters away from Hoxton Square. Not long after the luxurious hotel opened it immediately drew attention to the area.

Inside the Hotel

As soon as you walk into the hotel’s lobby, which is adorned with Art Deco décor, an immense and boldly styled stained glass ceiling greets individuals as soon as they walk in. From there guests’ can choose to stay in one of the hotel’s luxurious 86 rooms or 42 suites, individually designed with an Art Deco flair that includes elegant furniture, providing guests with exceptional standards of comfort.

Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch

In addition to its luxurious design the hotel also prides itself on serving some of the best English cuisine via its Judge & Jury restaurant, where patrons can enjoy some of the freshest British food in a sophisticated atmosphere.

Another perk guests can appreciate when staying at the hotel is its incredible views of London, which can be accessed via its rooftop bar known as the Upper 5th Shoreditch. The bar offers guests comfortable seats and cutting-edge music along with a barbecue service during the summer months.

Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch

Also, at guests’ disposal is a bowling room, a 196-seat cinema, an indoor pool, a sauna, a steam room and a gym.

As a result of all of the hotel’s luxurious amenities, the Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch is a dream destination for the urban London lover, who savors the pleasures offered by a bustling and cosmopolitan district.

Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch

Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch is the dream accommodation for the urban London lover who enjoys a cosmopolitan district.

However, if you are staying at the hotel on a Saturday and want to get a better sense of the neighborhood, stop by the Broadway market, to get a better sense of the culture and delicious English and French food created with locally sourced products. ■

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