The Châteaux Of The Loire: A Journey Through The History Of French Aristocracy

Montserrat Barba

The Loire Valley, its medieval villages and luxurious castles have been witnesses to the history and splendor of European royalty.

The summer residences of the French monarchs and the nobility were luxurious mansions designed for the pleasure of their occupants. Preserved in perfect condition and currently part of France`s heritage, they can be visited through river cruises, by car or even by bike. One of the best options is to follow the route that stops at the most famous castles erected along the Loire River. Other historical routes: Luther Country in Germany and Douro Valley in Portugal.

Starting in Orleans, southwest of Paris, and ending in Nantes, near the Atlantic Ocean, this journey of about 150 miles invites travelers to enjoy the French joie de vivre combining art, legend and cuisine with relaxing visits to beautiful gardens, landscapes and vineyards.

For their history and architectural value, these are ten of the most emblematic castles of the Loire Valley.

Châteaux de Chambord

Castles of the Loire Valley

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