Cap Rocat: A Hotel Overlooking The Sea From A Historic Fortress

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One of the most spectacular hotels on the Spanish island featuring suites with private terraces at the edge of a cliff with fantastic views and unforgettable sunsets.

The Spanish island of Mallorca, near Ibiza and Formentera, boasts a wide selection of high-level accommodations including exclusive establishments such as the Hilton Sa Torre and the Hospes Maricel & Spa. These unique hotels are equipped to delight even the most seasoned travelers for their impressive architecture and history.

Cap Rocat

Among the finest hotels in this island paradise, the traveler will find Cap Rocat, which rises over the former military fortress of Cap Enderrocat, south of the Bay of the Balearic capital, Palma de Mallorca. The buildings that make up the fortress were restored with utmost respect for the rich heritage and natural beauty of the enclave. Since 2010, they are home to the Cap Rocat Hotel, which soars over the sea with stunning views of the Mediterranean.

The hotel’s 28 rooms and suites reveal—at first glance—its exclusivity. Two of them are located on the castle grounds. The rest are individual structures—former cannon emplacements—at the edge of the cliff. Every room comes with a terrace from where guests can enjoy glorious sunsets. The spectacular Suite del Cabo features a spacious living room and a private pool. These luxurious elements also found in the Suite del Mar, which is nestled near the beach with private gardens and an orchard planted with local aromatic herbs.

Cap Rocat
Cap Rocat

This year, the hotel has been enhanced with three new rooms called Los Centinelas, each with a private terrace. These measure between 480 and 624 square feet. Situated around the old secret sentry posts of the ancient fortress, they are carved into the rock, overlooking the Bay of Palma. Now, transformed into luxury rooms with stunning rock walls, they are adorned with large mirrors and dressed with fine carpets and soft Mediterranean fabrics. Guest are regaled with unforgettable views of the sea from their king-size beds. A night in these rooms costs a minimum of 350 euros or around 400 US dollars.

The bathrooms at Los Centinelas feature separate tub and shower and include organic cosmetic products made from indigenous plants. Cap Rocat—which is part of Spain’s Marugal hotel network—is committed to the use of local products, and delivers and atmosphere of serene simplicity. The hotel’s objective is to become a point of reference for sustainable ecotourism protecting the flora and fauna of their environment, which was declared Natural Area of Special Interest by the Balearic authorities.

Cap Rocat

To achieve such admirable goals, the luxurious establishment uses traditional Llengües cloth in its decor, as well as exclusive fragrances for soaps and scented candles with aromas that represent the island, such as almond and orange.

The cuisine at Cap Rocat deserves special attention. One of its restaurants, the Bistro style Sea Club, is idyllically located among the rocks on Queen’s Creek, overlooking the sea, a charming space with irresistible sunsets. Another spectacular Mediterranean hotel. Cap-Eden-Roc in France’s Cote d’Azur.

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