Borgo Condé and  Domaine Riberach

Borgo Condé Wine Resort and  Domaine Riberach: Dream wineries among the vines

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Domaine Riberach
2 route de Caladroy / 66720 Bélesta / France

In Bélesta, a town located in the south of France, you will find Domaine Riberach winery, which does not only produces excellent wines but also houses a luxury hotel complex with a spa and a prestigious restaurant.

Borgo Conde Domaine Riberach

The Riberach hotel and winery, anchored at the base of the old medieval castle of Bélesta, is a building reminiscent of the prow of a ship. Its owners, the architects Luc Richard and Karin Pühringer, have decided to build it as a sustainable and ecological space by taking advantage of the thermal inertia of the building to heat and cool the water. They also use 500 square meters of photovoltaic panels installed on the roof. In addition, the pool is an ecological example because the water is filtered naturally by the action of the plants it contains and guests enjoy a bath among bamboos, surrounded by frogs, dragonflies and water lilies.

Its rooms are spacious and have all THE usual luxuries of a grand hotel, including large terraces with views of the castle, gardens and vineyards.

Lovers of French cuisine will have a must-see event in the restaurant La Coopérative, managed by Chef Laurent Lemal who offers creative dishes based on area local products matching perfectly with wines from the winery.

Borgo Condé Wine Resort
Via Rocca delle Caminate, 50 / Forli (FC) / Italy

In the hills of the city of Forli, less than an hour from Bologna, travelers who like good wines and comfort will find, among the vineyards, the Condé Borgo Winery and its resort, which includes an oasis of pleasure with its spa and restaurants of exquisite Italian cuisine.

Borgo Conde Domaine Riberach

The rooms and suites are located both in the town of Borgo and in the villas created for that purpose. The most outstanding ones are found in the Villa Il Capanno and have their own outdoor pool and unbeatable views of the winding hills and vineyards. The different accommodations available are the work of local artists and artisans, who worked meticulously to make them unique, welcoming and exclusive, with custom-designed furniture.

Its spa, which responds to the desire to combine holidays with wellness, fitness, food and wine, includes a heated indoor pool, Turkish bath, sauna, fitness centre, massage room and relaxing area.

On the other hand, lovers of Italian cuisine have three restaurants: Il Sangiovese, Il Borgo and La Osteria, three different ways to satisfy the most demanding palates with dishes accompanied by the wines from the winery.  ■

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