Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt: Austrian Tradition and Sustainable Luxury

Federico Tibytt

An alpine resort with 400 years of history that offers activities for all tastes, gourmet food from their own farm, and meat from their own free grazing livestock.

The Stanglwirt Bio-hotel is an excellent resort with 400 years of history that combines the benefits of the most deeply rooted Austrian traditions with modern service and sustainable luxury, delivering a renovating experience in this alpine paradise of the Tyrol region.

Located 80 kilometers (49.1 miles) from Salzburg, the resort occupies a prime location near the Kaiser mountain range in northeastern Austria. The surrounding landscape is composed of endless grasslands, lush pine forests, and crystal clear lakes, framed by the towering Alps. The capricious weather bequests heavy snows in winter and stunning greenery in summer.

The idyllic property has been owned and managed by the Hauser family for over a century. It boasts the classical aesthetics of the building tradition of the area, offering several spacious pine cottages. Used in flooring, internal walls and ceilings, pine wood is complemented by noble materials such as marble, and classic furnishings that fill the enormous halls typical of these old buildings.

The resort offers a variety of rooms and suites with dimensions ranging from 20 square meters (205 square feet) to 125 square meters (1,345 square feet). The luxurious master suite features a spacious room with a functional fireplace, entertainment system, large closets, bedrooms with double bath and panoramic views.

The resort is not only cozy and elegant but also has a huge range of amenities available to its guests. Professional 18-hole golf course, a tennis school with 14 courts, stables and riding courses, professional gym, ski and snowboarding school, hiking trails, hunting in the woods, and a world-class spa are just some of the services available in this Central European paradise.

The pool system is one of the most amazing facilities in the resort. The most striking feature is a huge swimming pool decorated with wild rocks and artificial waterfalls, and water that is kept at 32 ° C (89 ° F). Additionally, there is an outdoor professional training pool overlooking the Kaiser Mountains and a secluded area with huge shallow water ponds specially designed for children. The state of the art architectural arrangement perfectly suits the bucolic style of the resort.

When it comes to gastronomy, the Stanglwirt boasts six traditional restaurants that offer gourmet food prepared with ingredients produced on site. The compound has its private organic farms and cattle to provide vegetables, meats and dairy. In the warmest months of the year, you can enjoy–from the Kaiser & Malerwinkel Restaurant–spectacular views of the mountains and the meadows where the animals graze freely.

With a classic rural style, activities for all tastes, an excellent spa, and gourmet organic food, the Stanglwirt Bio-Hotel has found the perfect formula to offer an ideal holiday in the historic Tyrolean Mountains.

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