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What is travel hacking and how is it done? These Best Travel Hacking Tools of 2019 deliver everything you need to maximize the luxury travel experience.

The concept of luxury travel conjures images of private jets, exotic ports of call, lavish accommodations and the all-too-frequent immersion in gastronomic experiences which overwhelm the senses. Take the worry out of worldwide wanderlust with this clever set of travel hacking resources for A-List jet-setters and learn the latest tips and tricks when it comes to luxury travel.

It’s true – there’s no shortage of publicly accessible browser based applications and mobile apps that amplify your highly mobile ability to get where you’re going in style. While many people are compelled to know what travel hacking is and how it’s done, a quick search for travel hacking tools returns long lists of online resources that boast anything from transatlantic private jet charters to luxury train cars across the Middle East.

Old Faithful Goes Glamorous


If you haven’t experienced AirBnB Plus, this latest addition to the most popular platform for renting out exotic luxury homes (just about anywhere in the world) takes service to an entirely affluent level.  Each listing emblazoned with the coveted “plus” badge has undergone a 100+ point inspection by AirBnB’s elite hospitality specialists – that translates to the most spectacularly appointed properties at the hottest trending destinations worldwide.  Here’s a glimpse of a few exclusive properties which have recently been featured:

Picturesque Point Featuring Beautiful Art and Lavish Furnishings in Austin

Sophisticated and Elegant Darling Gardens in East Melbourne

Opera Villa Lembongan Island in Bali, Indonesia

Mansion Canggu Estate in Bali, Indonesia

Castelli Romani, Villa just outside of Rome, Italy

AirBnB provides unparalleled access to countless captivating first-class properties that throw shame on even the most lavish of hotel accommodations.  Where else can you make reservations to stay in a castle within a lush park like Isla Paradisiasca, or book a few nights in a Villa Paronga that would make King Leonidas envious, then jet across the Atlantic to stay in an exquisite Turks and Caicos villa?

When in Rome…to Rio?


What has rapidly become one of the most ingenious travel hacking tools on the market is also an impeccable starting point in planning an international (or domestic) expedition. has been around for a few years, but it wasn’t until recently that its technology evolved to scale and began to deliver logistical travel planning solutions that would make even the most resourceful travel concierge burn with jealousy.  Simply entering an origin and destination into the desktop or mobile app will churn out an optimized itinerary to get you from Point A to Point B as efficiently as possible.  Curious how to get from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul to the Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto? No problem.  Wondering about the best route from Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai to Mook Pancakes in Amsterdam?  Easy.

One of the key benefits that brings to the table is a no-hassle solution for booking travel (or having an assistant book travel) to those coveted “hard to reach” destinations. The technology infrastructure which supports this itinerary optimization focused search engine is overtly impressive, to say the least (which is why they have a team of data scientists on staff). With more than 500,000 daily visits, the secret is out. isn’t just an A-List travel hacking tool, it’s quickly becoming the most practical platform for coordinating all travel logistics in one place.


Craft Your Dream Vacation with Virtuoso

Screen Shot 2019 04 03 at 11.17.16 AM

If there’s anything which breeds envy of the vivacious traveler, it’s the ability to “up and go” to some far corner of the world at a moment’s notice. Virtuoso does this and more, ensuring guests will experience the luxury vacation of their dreams.

Founded in 1951, Virtuoso works with an exclusive network of high-end travel companies to create customized vacations for luxury travelers. So, how does it work? Guests can choose an advisor and tell them their preferences to help plan their upcoming travel plans. Once guests choose an advisor they will collaborate with them to help cater to their travel needs and create a truly personalized trip, from there guests will work with their advisor to book exclusive perks and upgrades only offered to Virtuoso travelers and finally book their trip, making it a seamless and easy process.


The Dynamic Duo of Luxury Travel : Abercrombie & Kent


If Virtuoso, Zicasso, and Artisans of Leisure haven’t met your expectations, and you’ve had enough of those millionaire millennials crashing your NatGeo Expeditions, where else can you turn to coordinate one of those all too fleeting “life changing” experiences that keeps you searching for that pristine paradise (whatever your definition of that may be)? Look no further then Abercrombie & Kent.  True, the service A&K provides is not a travel hacking tool in the genuine sense of the word, but it is the ultimate resource for investing in an extravagant odyssey that could redefine your perception of the world.

No matter your destination of preference, or the pace at which you care to embark on your first-class global experience, A&K creates distinctively captivating journeys for their elite clientele. The trip of five lifetimes is literally a phone call away, which is incredibly practical for A-List gallivanters who have more money than time. A&K itineraries are segmented by destinations, which cover every continent, and nearly every country. From the exotic to the traditional and the opulent to the organic, there’s hardly an expedition or cultural immersion A&K can’t offer.

While they are lauded for their luxury African Safari’s and small group tours in southeast Asia, A&K also caters to elite solo travelers who prefer to go at their own pace, and by their own design. Defined by solo-travel mantras such as meaningful, authentic experiences without distraction and travel on your own, but never alone, A&K specializes in international itineraries for those fastidious travelers who value their privacy, and demand the most out of their vacation time. 

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