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Barbados’ Most Idyllic Beaches

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Bottom Bay, The Crane, Dover Beach, Rockley Beach and Paynes Bay are some of the few paradises that Barbados has to offer. Learn more about this beautiful country and how to make the most of your trip here.

Barbados is a Caribbean island just 34 miles long by 23 miles wide. The good thing about its small size is that if it rains on a beach north of the island, you can reach another beach in the south in just one hour—even with heavy traffic.Barbados’ Most Idyllic Beaches                           Bottom Bay.If what you want is crystal clear waters, abundant white sand and clear skies, the western beaches of the island are the perfect choice. Meantime, the wildest beach in Barbados is Bathsheba— in the northeast— where the lush vegetation reaches the sea. It is a delight for surfers, but bathing can be dangerous. For that reason, it is best to opt for its shallow natural pools, or admire their beauty from the relaxing Round House restaurant, which offers exceptional views.

Further south—in the town of Saint Philip— is the idyllic Bottom Bay, with its palm forests. You should leave the car at the top of the rocks surrounding the beach and walk down, even though the journey can be confusing. It is unlikely that you will meet other people, and once there, nothing will disturb your rest.

Barbados’ Most Idyllic Beaches                           (L) Bathsheba Beach; (R) The Crane Beach.

Still further south is one of the favorite beaches of all who visit Barbados: The Crane. Wide enough not to disturb—or be disturbed—by neighbors, and surrounded by a coral reef, its pink sand makes it essential for beach lovers. You can reach it through The Crane hotel, which blends perfectly with the landscape.

Dover Beach, south of the island, is one of the most relaxing. Access is through the hotel of the same name, which has a spectacular bar where a host of water sports are organized, including windsurfing, diving, and watercraft sailing. Dover Beach is famous for its white soft sand, palm trees and the giant turtles that will keep you company when you take a dip. If you forget to bring a protective cream or suntan lotion, there are shops nearby, something that does not always happen in a Barbados beach.

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One last tip: once you pass Rockley Beach— also called Accra beach, very popular with tourists and locals—continue a little higher up to Paynes Bay. By day, the soft, sandy beach is ideal for swimming. At night, it is a must for those looking for elegant pubs and great food. In this area, you will also find Daphne’s and The Cliff, two of the best restaurants on the island. And the bars are always frequented by beautiful people!

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