Canary Islands

Bahía del Duque The Tais: For a Most Pleasurable Vacation

Maria Chulia

Enjoy amazing treatments at Spain's leading spa, because you deserve it.


Hop on a plane and a few hours from most major European cities you will find the best spa in Spain. The Bahia del Duque the Tais is nestled in the island paradise of Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

Integrated into the five-star hotel Bahia del Duque, it is surrounded by stunning natural beauty. The luxury spa is encircled by palm trees and beautiful gardens that create a delightful atmosphere that will envelope all five senses. With winter temperatures that range above 20 degrees Celsius and mild summers that average 28 degrees Celsius visitors enjoy an extraordinary, year-round, tempered topical climate.

Its ambiance is so serene, it’s the perfect destination for those who crave a restful and relaxed escape, far from the stresses of the concrete jungles and madding crowds.

When you feel the occasional need to leave behind the pressures of your daily routine and indulge in a few days of care and pampering, the Bahía del Duque The Tais spa offers many options. As you read through the list of treatments you’ll be tempted by them all.

If what you want is to spend hours devoted to your face, try the latest facial beauty treatments; you will find the most advanced treatments available executed with the highest quality products. If you prefer to divvy your time, you can relax with a body massage and physiotherapy or focus in any areas of your body that need special attention.

You can choose the Ritual of Aloe Vera and Banana Leaves, a 90 minute Energizing Massage, or a Multisensory Lift. The treatments offered are so many and varied that your only problem will be deciding which ones to try. All are preceded by an outdoor thalassotherapy, during which you will benefit from the healing powers of the Atlantic waters.

Eat fresh fruits, hydrate, stretch your muscles every morning and do an hour of moderate exercise a day – these are some of the tips that health experts recommend for achieving a healthier life. One of these experts is Michal Novotny, a renowned specialist in physiotherapy that works in the Bahia del Duque The Tais spa.

Yet other experts claim that it is necessary to receive professional massages to de-stress your back and muscles, and stimulate your internal energy. With the holistic treatments and rituals offered, you can be sure that the masseuses will have your tension and stress melting away in their hands.

At the end of your stay you will feel more at peace, stronger, energized, happier and ready to book your next visit.

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