Bahía Bustamante: A Paradise In The Deep Patagonia

Walter Raymond

A visit to Bahía Bustamante, in the Argentinean Patagonia, is a journey through magnificent white sand beaches and clear waters, beautiful scenery and untamed nature.

In Bahía Bustamante, in the province of Chubut, Argentina, you will experience the deep Patagonia of mythical explorers, buccaneers, and adventurers. This remote site has been chosen by filmmakers and documentarians to portray nature at its wildest. It is also an exclusive resort for travelers interested in discovering new and unspoiled landscapes.

Bahía Bustamante

The old town of Bahía Bustamante sits on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, on the northern border of the Gulf of San Jorge and south of the famous Valdés Peninsula. On one side, the ocean intense and untamed; further west, the endless steppes of the region. The constant roar of the sea and the sound of the seabird colonies are carried by the wind through the dirt roads.

The town and its surroundings are frequently visited by biologists, artists and adventurers, who come from around the world to discover and study this solitary austral region. Read about luxury hotels and exotic destinations.

Bahía Bustamante

The magnificent beaches of white sand and clear waters—sheltered by tall red boulders contrasting with the deep blue sea— alternate with rocky coves populated by colonies of sea lions, penguins and thousands of seabirds. Further inland the fantastic shapes of an ancient petrified forest emerge as a silent witness to the lush—60 million years old—Patagonian rainforest. Small groups of guanacos, the region´s native camelids, often walk silently through the impressive and mysterious landscape.

There are multiple ways to enjoy this beautiful natural environment: horseback riding, sailing between islands, kayaking or exploring the coasts and wildlife. Seasoned traveler can also mountain bike or take SUV tours to sites of remarkable beauty without any trace of human presence.

Bahía Bustamante

The accommodations have an exotic air that combines the austerity of the pioneers with the comforts and sensibilities of today’s sophisticated tourists. There are six houses with sea view and six with splendid vistas over the steppe, all with excellent personal care from the attentive staff. In order to enjoy paradise at Bahía Bustamante, you must book in advance.

From Buenos Aires, you’ll need to board a flight to the city of Comodoro Rivadavia, and from there, coordinate with the staff for transfer in special vehicles.

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