Aura, a groundbreaking boutique private jet airline

Federico Tibytt

Discover the groundbreaking plans of an airline that promises to offer the best first class service in the U.S.

Aura, a new private aircraft airline, offers an interesting alternative to commercial flights within the United States by offering passengers luxurious and exclusive service aboard its flights. To achieve a new and innovative flight experience, Aura executives said they plan to remodel a Bombardier CRJ700 plane to include 29 seats—eight in the plane’s first-class section and 21 in main cabin, which is more spacious than regular plane cabins.

Aura oled wave
The Wave area.

Passengers sitting in first-class—a section Aura calls “Wave”—will have wider seats, an iPad PRO, Wi-Fi connection and other luxurious details such as a sunroof that technologically reproduces a view of the sky.

A true alternative

Traveling on conventional airlines stopped being pleasant a long time ago. Long hours of waiting, uncomfortable seats and frozen meals ended up making each flight a laborious and uncomfortable task, which over time became worse for frequent travelers.

Aura primera
The main cabin of an Aura plane.

Due to this common shared experience, Aura decided to cover the need for more comfortable and affordably priced flight experiences. For example, a flight in main cabin—which is called “First” in Aura planes—from New York to Chicago will have a price of $330, while a ticket from Atlanta to Chicago will be $280. However, these prices will only be available to members—or “Keyholders”—who would have to pay a monthly $100 membership fee.

Aura the wave

Aura’s super luxury first-class will also offer fully reclining seats, along with augmented reality surfaces and virtual windows equipped with OLED technology. As for food options, passengers can select gourmet à la carte dishes that will be prepared on board the plane.

In regards to airport delays, Aura will have its own terminals in its private boarding hangars, allowing passengers to arrive 20 minutes before their flight. Additional services such as an executive lounge rest area and valet parking are also included in the terminal.

Aura asientos gravedad cero
The first class seats, fully reclined.

Other luxurious details that Aura plans to offer passengers include Skylight virtual reality lenses and a “Special Seat,” experience. When using the Skylight virtual reality lenses, passengers can play multimedia content in IMAX, 180° in 3D quality. The lenses also capture and depict images taken by a camera located on the tail of the plane, offering guests on the Special Seat the sensation of sitting on the roof of the plane.

Aura terminales privadas
One of Aura’s private terminals.

For those interested in flying on Aura flights, passengers can fly out of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta and Denver starting in 2019. Additional flights are expected to be scheduled during events such as Sundance, SXSW, Coachella and Art Basel. Seasonal flights to the Aspen Mountains and the beaches of the Hamptons are to be added in the coming months.

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