Auberge Du Jeu De Paume Hotel

Ana B. Remos

There is a new attraction in town: Auberge du Jeu de Paume Hotel.

Chantilly, a village in northern France, surrounded by the eponymous Forest of Chantilly, is located about 25 miles north of the center of Paris. The town has an extension of only 20,000 acres, and is home to 11,000 inhabitants. Its history is inextricably linked to the aristocracy. From the 17th to the 19th century, it was the realm of the Princes of Condé, close relatives of the kings of France. Other noble families, like the Orgemont, Montmorency, Grand Condé, and the Duke of Aumale, have chosen this location as their historic primary residence. The area has also been a favorite vacation spot for the Parisian elite.

Chantilly is quaint and charming, with abundant monuments and historic buildings, such as the Château de Chantilly and the Musée Condé, which houses the second largest art collection in France, outside the Louvre. But there is a new attraction in town: Auberge du Jeu de Paume, a romantic hotel inspired by the architecture of the 18th century, which perfectly introduces modern luxury in the purest French tradition.

Guests arriving by train are welcomed by a horse-drawn carriage that takes them to the hotel, located nearly a mile from the railway station. They can also land at Charles de Gaulle airport, just 20 minutes away. Upon arrival, visitors have a choice of 92 comfortable rooms and suites that reveal the essence of French luxury and sophistication.

The Hotel has two excellent restaurants supervised by internationally award-winning chef Arnaud Faye, who previously worked at the Ritz in Paris and the Mandarin Oriental. Both, the restaurant La Table du Connétable and chef Faye, were recently awarded their first Michelin star.

The hotel boasts an impressive 6,000 square-foot spa decorated in a gentle Moorish theme, with colorful mosaics and white stone floors, where guests can enjoy saunas, Turkish baths and a heated pool. The gym offers experienced personal trainers, massage specialists, and facial and body treatments.

Besides the many amenities at the hotel and surrounding gardens, guests are invited to discover the town’s passion for equestrian sports. Chantilly is known worldwide for hosting the most prestigious horse races in all of France. Leisure travelers can ride their horses along the beautiful countryside, and polo enthusiast can play at the exclusive Chantilly Polo Club. But the activities do not end here. There is also a magnificent golf course designed by British architect Tom Simpson that makes the delights of the most discerning golfers.

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