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Arroyo Verde Country Estate

Walter Raymond

Located in the Nahuel Huapi Park and surrounded by streams, forests, and hills, Arroyo Verde has been a favorite haven for select visitors such as Dwight Eisenhower, King Leopold of Belgium and Princess Cristina of Spain.

There is a dream place in the Argentinean Patagonia that has remained hidden for nearly a century and where only a handful of select visitors have left their mark. It is a valley dotted with cypress and evergreen forests; hills and meadows crossed by streams of crystalline meltwater, a peaceful oasis of intense perfumes and infinite colors. It is also salmon and trout country.

The luxurious Arroyo Verde Lodge.

This valley should be explored on horseback to admire the condors in flight and discover the majestic Patagonian nature at its best. You can reach this region through a two-hour flight from
Buenos Aires plus a half hour drive along the beautiful route that connects it with the beautiful town of San Carlos de Bariloche, in southwest Argentina.

The stunning landscapes of the Argentinian Patagonia are the setting for the Arroyo Verde Lodge.

Beautiful Patagonia in the Autumn.

An old country estate

The site was formerly the summer home of the
Larivière family. Over time, they built the main house and outbuildings, always respecting the traditional architectural style of the region and using local wood and stone. Mrs. Meme Larivière remembers those summers in the valley when the house was filled with the voices and laughter of family and guests who came to this distant and almost magical place.

During the day, they enjoyed horseback riding and fishing for salmon and trout in the bountiful streams. At night, they partook on delightful gatherings by the fire. Eager to maintain that spirit,
Meme Larivière decided—in 1987—to open the estate for select visitors.

The Larivière family.

Ms. Larivière shaped the current Arroyo Verde Lodge along with their daughters Marina, Maria Luisa, and Josefina. Their guest list includes prominent personalities such as former US President Dwight Eisenhower, King Leopold of Belgium, and Princess Cristina of Spain. World famous fishermen like Joe Brooks, Mel Krieger, and Ernest Schwiebert, among others, have praised the excellent fishing in the surroundings.

Relaxing in the Patagonian Landscape

Arroyo Verde Lodge is situated—at the foot of the Andes Mountains—within the protected area of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. Thanks to its privileged location, the lodge can preserve the stunning nature that surrounds it.

Arroyo Verde is the starting point for a suite of enchanting excursions: bird watching, horseback riding, hiking, photographic tours, fishing, or simply walking and relaxing in a natural and primordial environment. Guests enjoy memorable views from the lodge’s windows, as well as the warm hospitality of the Larivière family, who share their daily life with visitors, delighting the weary travelers that arrive in search of peace and relaxation.

Nahuel Huapi National Park.

Patagonian landscapes in Argentina.

The Traful: a perfect river for fly fishing

The Traful is a typical mountain stream of crystal clear waters, alternating backwaters, pools, and flumes. The tranquility of the place—away from noise and pollution—makes it a favorite among the lucky fishermen who make their way here.

Fishing is one of the main attractions at Arroyo Verde.

Salmon and trout abound in the Traful River.

The Traful River is a paradise for fly fishing.

From the Traful, the traveler can witness the intense struggle of the famous landlocked salmon and the rainbow and brown trout. Fishing requires a special permit limited to fly fishing. Also, the fish caught must be returned to the river, which helps sustain the ecosystem. The size of the fish averages from 20 to 24 inches (51-61 cm), although it is common to catch specimens measuring between 28 and 30 inches (71-76 cm).

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