Armani Hotel Dubai: Quality in Every Detail

Federico Tibytt

The Armani Hotel Dubai has positioned itself as one of the best in the Persian Gulf, home to countless luxury outlets. It continues to garner praise for its sophisticated beauty, impeccable style, exquisite decor and unbeatable views, but what guests adore most is the excellent service and attention to detail.

Armani Hotel Dubai
Armani Hotel Dubai.

Located in the city center, just a short walk from the Dubai Fountain, the Dubai Mall, and the Opera House, the hotel occupies the first eight levels and several of the top floors of the iconic
Burj Khalifa tower, the world’s tallest building.

Although it is housed inside the lavish Burj Khalifa, the hotel’s decoration reflects the minimalist aesthetics of the
Armani label. This was the brand’s first hotel venture, and Giorgio Armani took time and care to supervise the work, as well as to choose the materials used in the construction.

Every detail has been carefully conceived. The sugar lumps, for example, are identified with the Armani logo, and only two colors of flowers are used in their luxurious arrangements. Italian design permeates the property, creating an intimate, exquisite atmosphere.

Armani Hotel Dubai
The hotel, which features a luxurious spa, is decorated with the iconic imprint of the Armani brand.

Upon arrival, the hotel assigns each guest a “Lifestyle Manager,” a kind of personal concierge who will assist to your every wish. This is quite a valuable service when you take into account the language and cultural barriers that arise when visiting

Within the broad range of rooms, the Armani Dubai Suites are most impressive. Measuring 390 square meters (4,190 square feet), the suites feature two bedrooms, living room, dining room, studio, private gym, and unforgettable panoramic views.

Armani Hotel Dubai
The Armani Hotel Dubai delivers excellent gastronomic options for all tastes.

In every room, guests will find a tablet that controls the intelligent system of their preference, allowing them to choose the right temperature, call the concierge, or open and close the blinds, among many other options.

The hotel’s gastronomy is up to the task, offering 6 top class restaurants with Japanese, Indian, international, local and, of course, Italian cuisine. The most attractive dining venue is Armani Ristorante Lounge, set in a lavish space decorated with retro-illuminated marbles and a long row of round tables complemented by voluminous chairs that convey an elegant feeling of privacy. The chef and his extensive team prepare sumptuous dishes in the open kitchen.

To complete the list of first class hospitality services, the hotel boasts a spacious spa that includes dry and wet sauna, the iconic arrow-shaped pool, gym, massage rooms, and thermal treatment chambers, all with an extensive list of personal and professional care services at your disposal.

Just a few decades ago, visiting the
United Arab Emirates was tantamount to venturing into an entirely foreign culture that required giving up the comforts and luxuries available in the West. Today, thanks to establishments such as the Armani Hotel, Dubai is one of the most sought-after luxury destinations in the world catering especially to high-end tourists.

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