Amanoi Resort: Gateway to Vietnam’s Natural Charms

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Amanoi Resort is much more than a fancy holiday escape, it is the perfect excuse to visit Vietnam and get to know the nature of a beautiful country and its inhabitants.

Aman Resorts International Group makes its debut in Vietnam with Amanoi, a luxurious and exclusive resort in Ninh Hai district. This tourist paradise is located inside Nui Chua National Park, a protected area of more than 29,000 acres of pristine coastal and marine habitats.

Amanoi Resort

Once guests arrive in Nui Chua National Park, a wide staircase leads them to Amanoi´s Central Pavilion. Upon reaching the hilltop, the panoramic views of Vinh Hy Bay are simply breathtaking. Inspired by traditional Vietnamese communal halls, the Central Pavilion occupies part of the green hill and houses the restaurant, bar, boutique and a huge terrace.

The hotel has 31 pavilions and five Aman villas built into a hillside with the best views of the area. The resort’s design combines contemporary elegance with traditional Vietnamese architecture. All the pavilions are identical in layout and structure, and each offers a living room and a bedroom area, as well as a relaxing terrace with comfortable wooden chairs. The luxurious furnishings feature a king size bed, sofa, desk, LCD TV with international channels, wireless Internet and other amenities.

Meanwhile, the spectacular Aman villas boast four or five bedrooms, a spacious living room and a large private pool. These luxury villas come with a housekeeper who cares for guests and can even prepare meals using Vietnamese and Western recipes, in their private kitchens.

Amanoi Resort

The Amanoi Resort also features the Aman Spa, which could well be a destination in itself. The atmosphere exudes tranquility and relaxation. Surrounded by hills and next to a lake teeming with lotus flowers, the spa has five treatment rooms with exclusive double bathtubs, private areas, locker rooms and showers, two hydrotherapy suites, therapy rooms for hands and feet, and a beauty salon.

At the Aman Spa, guests will be treated to all kinds of relaxation and beauty therapies, scrubs, wraps, facials and hair care, using natural products sourced from traditional Vietnamese ingredients such as rice or coffee and, of course, a myriad of herbs, some of them native, like lemon balm, verbena, palmarosa, peppermint, patchouli, lemon balm and ginger. Also at hand, two outdoor tennis courts, a state-of-the-arts fitness center, a room for Pilates, and a lakeside pavilion specially created for the enjoyment of yoga enthusiasts.

Amanoi Resort

And then there is the Beach Club, located among magnificent granite cliffs, on the white-sand beach. Designed to take full advantage of the views, the Club offers food and beverages, alongside a spectacular infinity pool. For the more adventurous, there is a full range of water sports including diving and kayaks.
Excursions and Activities

Ninh Thuan province, where Amanoi Resort is located, is home to the Cham, an important Vietnamese ethnic group, but the natural beauty of the region is the main attraction. The resort’s friendly staff will provide guests with all the necessary information to make sure their visit to the spectacular beaches, marine reserves, jungles and virgin forests, are an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Amanoi Resort

A visit to Nui Chua, originally a nature reserve, which was awarded National Park status in 2003, makes for a memorable tour. With a total area of over 72,000 acres and an adjacent marine reserve of more than 18,000 acres, Nui Chua National Park rises from sea level to an altitude of 3,400 feet, at its summit. As a result, the park offers a variety of ecosystems, great diversity of flora and fauna, and a tropical forest with beautiful streams. A guide will open a path through the dense undergrowth between rocky gorges, surrounded by bright green vegetation, for safe passage

The park is home to at least 1,500 plant species, 160 bird species and more than 60 mammals. To rid guests of unnecessary worries, the resort provides guides, transportation, picnics and everything needed to discover this beautiful corner of Southeast Asia.

Another delightful activity is snorkeling and diving along the coral reefs bordering the East Sea, where guests can closely observe the “stag horn” corals and admire the beauty of the quiet, transparent sea of an unusual blue color, teeming with colorful tropical fish. The Amanoi Resort is much more than a vacation spot, it is also the perfect excuse to visit Vietnam and get to know the nature of a beautiful country, exotic for some, and inhabited by very friendly people proud of their environment and culture.  ■

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