Aiututaki: A Remote Paradise

Heike Söns

The Cook Islands, a paradisiacal archipelago composed of 15 small islands, are the best-kept secret in the Pacific Ocean. Located between Hawaii and New Zealand, these islands were settled by a group of Polynesian explorers during the 7th century. Years later, in 1733, they were rediscovered and named by the British navigator, explorer and cartographer James Cook, who documented them for the first time in European maps.


Aitutaki, one of the archipelago’s main islands, is a “mandatory” destination in the Cook Islands and one of the most remote places you can visit on the face of the Earth. It is a triangular atoll, in itself, one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. The natural beauty of its beaches remains intact, and its white sand invites long walks to enjoy the legendary sunsets characteristic of this region. Its stunning coral lagoon is a kaleidoscope of colors ranging from pale blue to dark cobalt.

Reaching Aitutaki involves taking a flight of several hours. From Los Angeles, California, the trip takes 10 hours, plus an additional 40-minute flight from the island of Rarotonga, where the international airport is located. The ride is not an easy one, but you will realize it is worthwhile as soon as you reach the Pacific Resort Aitutaki to be delighted by the privileged climate and lush tropical forests of the island.


The Aitutaki Pacific Resort is an exquisite boutique hotel (more luxury boutique hotels) with only 27 villas and bungalows just a few steps from the sea. Although the whole resort is truly spectacular, it is essential to visit its Tiare spa, where you can live the ultimate experience in relaxation.

Soothe your body and soul with treatments carefully designed for your enjoyment and wellness. Indulge in sumptuous perfumed oils and choose from the wide variety of facials, massages and treatments the spa has to offer. Start with the Discovery, a indulgent anti-stress facial perfect for the first days of your stay as it is designed to help the skin adjust to the changes in climate. Then, feel how the stress disappears in the hands of your therapist during a Classic Rapae Body Massage, Tiare´s most popular treatment, which improves blood circulation, benefits the skin tone, eliminates chronic pain and increases muscle flexibility.


Be prepared to show off a spectacular tan with the Buff Body Scrub, an exfoliating treatment that regenerates the skin and releases dead cells. Finally, pamper your senses with your choice of scrubs and oils, made with mostly local ingredients. If you prefer, you can also enjoy the spa’s services in the privacy of your own villa.

The best time to visit the Aitutaki Pacific Resort is between July and October, when it is easy to enjoy breakfast while watching the indescribable spectacle of the whales that come to enjoy the warm waters around the islands.


Although Aitutaki Pacific Resort seems to be designed to calm the spirit, its kitchen aims to please the most discerning palate. The Rapae Bay restaurant offers a superb selection of the South Pacific’s tantalizing cuisine, complemented with excellent attention to detail in a very exquisite menu. You can also relax with a cocktail at the Black Rock Cafe while enjoying the setting sun. This small bar, located between the beach and the hotel’s infinity pool is definitely the perfect place to end the day.

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