Air France’s La Premier: New VIP Services With Private Jet Connections

Federico Tibytt

Once again, Air France has launched a full range of VIP services for its best customers with genuinely attractive alternatives. There are two new options: a connection service throughout Europe in private jets and La Premiere first-class cabins. See here more selections of luxury places to visit.

Air France's La Premiere

In partnership with Wijet, the French airline has devised a program for flight arrivals or departures from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport, where La Premiere first class passengers can connect with over 1,200 airports across Europe, traveling by private jets.

The jets featured in the program belong to Wijet and offer 4 leather seats, two of which can be reclined to 140 degrees for ultimate passenger relaxation during a trip which can last between 30 minutes and two hours. The private flight service features the company’s distinctive first-class cuisine, highlighting a selection of French pastries. Meanwhile, the complementary entertainment package includes newspapers and magazines, a touch tablet available for each passenger, flat-screen TV, movies and free satellite phone connection.

Air France's La Premiere

The program not only stands out for its exclusivity but also comes with unmatched comfort and amenities. For example, a limo service handles all transfers from the airliner to the private jet; airline staff transfers all luggage, and passengers are always accompanied by an assistant who will take care of all flight procedures. Also— at the passenger’s desire— they may relax in the VIP lounges at the airport during the brief periods between flights.

Air France introduced the new supplementary private jet connections at very competitive prices (in some cases up to 40 percent lower than its direct competitors) since the flights are not sold as a separate service, but as an improvement to scheduled flights in first class.

Air France's La Premiere

This alternative is complemented by the new La Premiere first class cabins, offering amenities such as seats with full reclining and lumbar support, 24-inch high definition individual flat screen TVs and haute cuisine created by renowned international chefs of the stature of Joel Robuchon and Michel Roth, served on Bernardaud china and Christofle glassware. Such refined service can compete with the best 5-star hotels in the world, which makes it a unique flying experience. Without doubt, these two new programs bring Air France to a new level in the exclusive and demanding market of VIP travel.

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