Vicente Gandía: A Philanthropic Winery

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George Clooney, Penélope Cruz, and the late David Bowie are among the celebrities who have joined Gandía Wineries in an original charity project.

The Spanish firm Vicente Gandía, one of the 15 largest wineries in Spain, has dedicated body and soul, for more than 125 years, to the production of excellent vintages. In addition, the label stands out as one of the most outstanding wineries in Europe: it is present in more than 85 countries and produces more than 35 million bottles each year. Bodegas Gandía is a family owned business, committed to helping society by taking into account the physical and social environments, as well as the wellbeing of the most disadvantaged amongst us.

With this goal in mind, the company has provided active assistance to various charitable projects, in Africa as in Spain, and has supported individuals at risk of social exclusion. The funds donated to their campaigns have helped fund efforts in the fight against cancer, financed significant projects of social integration, and improved the quality of life for people with physical disabilities.

Vicente Gandía: A Philanthropic Winery

As part of its commendable social strategy, Bodegas Gandia recently presented in “Gastrónoma“, one of the most significant food fairs of Spain, its latest philanthropic project: Whatever It Takes, a selection of wines sponsored by celebrities such as George Clooney, Penélope Cruz, Coldplay, Pierce Brosnan, David Bowie and Charlize Theron, in collaboration with the non-governmental organization, 21st Century Leaders Ltd.

The program´s main objective is to raise a minimum of 450,000 euros (more than $600,000) from the sale of the wines included in the group. The money raised will be donated to 21st Century Leaders Ltd. for global projects that promote urgent causes such as the reduction of poverty, environmental conservation and child protection.

The concept behind Whatever It Takes is simple. Celebrities from different disciplines donate 30 minutes of their time to design a symbol of hope and write an inspiring message for the future of our planet, which are featured on the wines’s labels.

Vicente Gandía: A Philanthropic Winery

The resulting products are created under ethical working conditions and using sustainable materials to avoid damage to the environment whenever possible. All profits from the sale of these wines will be donated to the NGO, which uses its net income to support charity projects in developing countries, including projects led by the artists themselves.

These new philanthropic products include three types of red wines, whose labels will feature the designs created by actor George Clooney (cabernet sauvignon), Pierce Brosnan (tempranillo) and musician David Bowie (shiraz). Other label designs have been produced by the English band Coldplay (bobal and shiraz), Penélope Cruz (verdejo and sauvignon blanc), and the South African star Charlize Theron lent her name for the cava brut (macabeo and chardonnay).

These are high-quality wines, specially created for the occasion with great care by the Vicente Gandía winery. You can place your order through their webpage, and it will be shipped in a beautiful box that also features the images and designs created by the celebrities who have so generously donated their art to ensure that the world will a better place to live.

Winetasting Card

Vicente Gandía: A Philanthropic Winery

Type of wine: Young rosé.
Grape varieties: 80% bobal and 20% shiraz.
Alcohol content: 12%
Recommended for: appetizers, rice, pasta and white meats.
Recommended temperature: 45–48°F
Color: Bright purple pink
Aroma: Ripe raspberry and cherry.
Flavor: Intensely fruity with a good balance of acidity.

Type of wine: Red.
Aged in oak: 4 months.
Grape varieties: 100% cabernet sauvignon.
Alcohol content: 13%
Recommended for: Red meats, rice dishes, roasts and sausages.
Recommended temperature: 61-64°f
Color: Intense cherry color.
Aroma: Currant and dense vegetation, with short balsamic nuances.
Flavor: Well-structured on the palate, with robust tannins: spicy, tasty and persistent aftertaste.


Type of wine: Cava Brut.
Grape varieties: 50% macabeo and 50% chardonnay.
Alcohol content: 11,5%
Recommended for: Appetizers, smoked fish and meats, oysters, grilled fish, sushi, and seafood.
Recommended temperature: 42-46°F
Color: Straw yellow.
Aroma: Citric character with floral notes.
Flavor: Dry but fruity, with a very good carbonic balance.

Type of wine: Red.
Aged in oak: 4 months.
Grape varieties: 100% shiraz.
Alcohol content: 13%
Recommended for: Tapas, Italian and Asian dishes.
Recommended temperature: 60-64°F
Color: Cherry Red with Garnet reflections.
Aroma: Deep aromas of violet and wild fruit with lightly toasted notes.
Flavor: Soft tannins with a spicy finish and a balsamic after taste with nuances of blueberry.

Type of wine: Red.
Aged in oak: 4 months.
Grape varieties: 100% tempranillo.
Alcohol content: 13%
Recommended for: Paella, meats, roasts and semi cured cheeses.
Recommended temperature: 60-64°F
Color: Dark cherry.
Aroma: Currant and vanilla from the oak aging.
Flavor: Soft and rounded, with well-balanced acidity and a long finish.

Type of wine: Young white.
Grape varieties: 80% verdejo y 20% sauvignon blanc.
Alcohol content: 12.5%
Recommended for: Seafood paellas, calamari, salmon and cheeses.
Recommended temperature: 44-48°F
Color: Straw yellow with greenish iridescence.
Aroma: Fennel, fresh cut hay and tropical fruit (pineapple and mango).
Taste: Buttery with a mild, fruity finish and refreshing acidity.

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