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The Little Dreams Foundation: helping children reach greatness

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The legendary musician's foundation presents a gala concert in support of the organization's mission of helping low-income talented children .


Every child has the potential to excel at a craft, achieve impressive levels of greatness and utilize their skills to help improve their communities. However, many children from low-income families lack the necessary resources and opportunities required to hone their skills and pursue their dreams. The Phil Collins Little Dreams Foundation alleviates this problem by enabling talented children from under-served communities to fulfill their full potential in three dream worlds: Music, Arts and Sports.

Little Dreamers, as LDF has dubbed the children they so generously help, are between the ages of 4-16, typically from low-income communities who possess exceptional talent in music, arts or sports. In order to become Little Dreamers, children must audition. Upon acceptance, Little Dreamers are awarded with grants that cover costs of instructional lessons, training programs and opportunities to showcase their talents and obtaining exposure, paving the way for professional success and advancement in their chosen fields. Little Dreamers are also given “godparent” mentors: volunteers who are successful in their respective fields and provide support and personalized training.

LDF has taken a multicultural approach, aiding children from many different backgrounds. Initially headquartered in Europe, The Little Dreams Foundation was created in 2000 by Phil and Orianne Collins. In 2008, they expanded their global reach by opening an office in Morocco. In 2013, the Foundation expanded to the United States and established their headquarters in Miami. Outside of their core duties, LDF also takes on special projects. For many years with a Tennis camp in Morocco and a Soccer camp in Zimbabwe, providing children in the African continent with housing, education and treatment.

On March 11th of 2016, LDF will be hosting the Second Annual Miami Beach Little Dreams Foundation Gala Concert: Dreaming on the Beach, at Miami Beach’s Fillmore Theater.

The Miami Gala Concert aims to increase awareness for the Foundation and raise money for the children. The crowd will be replete with famous public figures, revered celebrities, philanthropists, moguls, and socialites. The evening commences with a gala dinner at 5pm, performances by Little Dreamers and a silent auction in which guests can bid on valuable items and exquisite luxury goods.

The highlight of the event will be the legendary Phil Collins playing an acoustic set that will feature new songs from his upcoming album and favorite hits from his extensive career. Table tickets cost approximately $5,000, general admission seats cost around $100-$300, and all of the proceeds from the ticket sales and the silent auction will be used to support The Little Dreams Foundation and to provide resources for the talented children.

For children from underserved communities who experience difficulties finding the means to purse their passions, Little Dreams Foundation provides resources and opportunities required to maximize their skills and fulfill their dreams.

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