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Diamonds Unleashed: Diamonds are Forever

Nicole Cueto

Kara Ross sends a powerful message of empowerment for women through the brilliant use of diamonds.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but according to one diamond devotee, they are so much more! Whether given as an engagement ring, a birthday present, or something you buy yourself, diamonds not only evoke a sense of luxury, class and sophistication, but they also tell a story of empowerment, strength, and solidarity. Enter Kara Ross. A famed jewelry maker and new influencer, this luxe lady is doing more than just selling stones. Just a couple of years after redesigning her own ring, she realized the power of purpose, finding a new meaning for diamonds through her enterprise, Diamonds Unleashed.


“The whole idea started when I reset my own diamond in a very unusual setting. I began to wear it on my right hand, and it got me thinking about diamonds – How people perceive them; how women are given them; and the symbol they have become. It’s such an outdated and antiquated notion that women should have to wait to be given a diamond. The diamond should symbolize women’s strength, independence, and solidarity. All of the adjectives that describe a
diamond, as well as a woman, are synonymous – multi-faceted, brilliant, strong, unbreakable” says Ross.

When you think about the process it takes for a diamond to form, you can understand
Ross’ philosophy. As the earth’s minerals form under high heat and pressure, a beautiful stone is created. The symbolism in Ross’ analogy reflects the societal pressures women must face to survive in this world. It is never easy, and women endure many challenges, but in the end, the strength of a woman prevails creating a beautiful outcome. With this in mind, Ross’ vision is to empower women to take control, to be bold, to be beautiful, educated and able to buy their own diamonds.

describes this movement as a situation where “women are controlling the household, spending and making progress, but still far from where we should be. I find it crucial to empower the future generation of leaders, and the best way to do that is through education. Allowing a young woman and giving her an education, along with mentorship, can change her entire life, her community, and her future.”

At the center of
Diamonds Unleashed, is a carefully thought out, purposeful logo, driving Ross’ mantra. The multilayered diamond, with one rising out of the other forming the shape of a heart, is what Ross wants to be a universal symbol for women’s empowerment.

Ross doesn’t stop there. She’s constantly thinking, creating and evolving her brand and all it symbolizes. Recently, she created the Salon Series to keep Diamonds Unleashed movement, mobile. “Spreading the mission and getting people involved first hand, in different cities, is the ultimate goal,” she says. “Our goal is to influence the community and have local leaders take action to make a change.”

Additionally, as
Ross continues to spread the message of female empowerment, she’s taken on a team of global ambassadors. This network of fierce and fabulous women is part of the Stilettos on the Ground program helping bring awareness to the project and its efforts. With more than 350+ members ruling the world in cross sections of industries from fashion to finance and everything in between, this “sisterhood” of ladies as Ross likes to call it, are spreading the “Girl Power” message.

And if all this wasn’t fabulous enough, Diamonds Unleashed is dedicated to channeling all of its net profits to its nonprofit partners, including
Girls who Code, and She’s the First, which promotes opportunities for young women around the world to “unleash” their talents.

images courtesy of Diamonds Unleashed facebook

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