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Dannijo: A favorite accessories line among trendsetters

Carl Pettit

The brand, created by two sisters, seeks to empower artisan women in Ghana and Rwanda.

When you take the names of the Snyder siblings, Danielle and Jodie, and put them together, you’ll end up with DANNIJO. Regardless of how the mechanics of this hybrid name (Danni + Jo) fit together, the brand —and the handcrafted accessories their forward-looking company creates for the fashion world—work incredibly well. From dazzling bracelets and earrings to imaginative bib necklaces, handbags, chokers and more, the items these two sisters design and produce brim over with elegance and style.

Jodie and Danielle Snyder.

In addition to an impressive collection of bodily adornments, which has garnered the attention of quite a few well-known trendsetters, from
Abigail Spencer and Beyoncé to Misty Copeland, Rihanna and Taylor Swift (creating pieces for celebrity clients has been part of their marketing strategy from the get-go), these Floridian sisters —now both living in New York — have invested precious time and creative energy into their charitable endeavors as well.

Necklace by Dannijo.

Some of their pieces comes in the form of their involvement with
Indego Africa, an initiative that focuses on “empowering and uplifting artisan women” in Ghana and Rwanda. By supporting local artisans and businesswomen with monetary grants, training courses on entrepreneurship and other vital business skills, then providing a viable market for these women to sell their handcrafted goods in (New York), Indego Africa is assisting industrious women as they work to lift their families out of poverty.

And while
DANNIJO is a brand that gives back to society, the demands of the fashionable are never too far from the Snyder sisters’ minds either. With media pushes like Danielle Snyder’s #ConversationPieces, a series of interviews in conjunction with Harper’s Bazaar, featuring successful women from a variety of fields (Misty Copeland, Garance Doré and more), this niche jewelry outfit has figured out how to infuse fashion with famous personalities. They are injecting their brand into the stories of powerful women who have succeeded in business, and in life.

Dannijo accessories collection.

By keeping their pulse on the fashion ecosphere, from identifying how the choker and other retro trends have become hip again, to empowering women through media and global outreach campaigns,
Danielle and Jodie have quickly been able to reach and stay at the forefront of the style game.

Bracelet by Dannijo.

Some of the label’s pieces are the result of their involvement with the organization Indigo Africa that helps empower women.

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