Samsung Creates A Dream House For Dogs

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Samsung Dream Doghouse is the ideal complement for dog owners who want to stimulate their pets with the most luxurious experiences using next-generation applied technologies.

With multiple spaces, audiovisual devices, an exercise area, an automatic feeder and a relaxation area, what else could you ask for, for your pet? Samsung has created a perfect house for dogs, that is soon to be put into the market. This modern pet home was presented at the Cruft Dog Show in Birmingham, England and is the ultimate space for relaxation.
Samsung Dream Doghouse
As part of their sponsorship of one of the world’s most relevant canine event, Samsung decided to put together an interdisciplinary team of designers and builders to develop the perfect home for dogs. The premise included introducing next-generation applied technologies to provide the most luxurious experiences for our four legged friends. After several weeks of work, the idea came to fruition. Oval shaped and in retro-futuristic style, the bed has two spaces separated by clear acrylic walls that create cozy and cheerful environments. The relaxation area—which could be described as a living room—is lined with wallpaper that display images of dog footprints and toy bones. It also has padded floors to promote rest, family photographs, and—if the occupant is a heavy eater—an automatic feeder, which provides food on demand simply by pressing a button.
The second space, or “bedroom,” features fully padded linings in opaque restful tones and multiple pillows with canine patterns. If the occupant suffers from insomnia, a last generation Tab S tablet–placed in one of the corners–will play his/her favorite sounds. Moreover, the rest of the family can use the tablet to communicate with their beloved pet.This experience of unmatched comfort is not limited to the interior. The luxury kennel includes a spectacular treadmill coated with synthetic grass so that your little friend can exercise as if he were outdoors. After all that activity, your dog has an exclusive canine hot tub for further relaxation.Samsung Dream Doghouse
“Currently there are dogs that have profiles on social networks, and their owners use video-calling systems to communicate with their pets when they are not at home,” says Andy Griffiths,  the former president of Samsung in the UK. “Certainly, technology is fast becoming an integral part of the everyday relationship between humans and their pets.”Samsung’s Dream House for Dogs, which had a construction cost of $30,000, was raffled among the participants at the Cruft Dog Show in Birmingham. A stubby black and white pit-bull was the lucky winner of this one-of-a-kind “dog mansion.” Perhaps, in the near future, Samsung will venture into marketing their dream home for dogs, even in an improved version.Related Articles:Pet Trailers: an exquisite collection of retro pet houses

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