Luxury homes for your pampered pet

Suzanne Van Atten

Does your cat prefer to live in the lap of luxury? Then Hollywood Kitty Condos are perfect for pet owners looking to pamper their pets.

Is your cat, so glamorous, or a future movie star? Is your beloved pet prepared for a close up shot? Then there is only one place your fussy Persian cat can laze at ease: in a Hollywood apartment, of course!

With a Hollywood sign, a movie, a bathtub filled with popcorn and a personalized star from the Tinsel Town Walk of Fame, this six-foot tall cat tree from the Hollywood Kitty Company includes a fluffy red bed, a tree to mount and romp, and hanging toys designed to keep them comfortable and entertained for hours. The assembly is completely carpeted in colors that the client prefers, which includes a wide range of options.

hksanctuary 03
A digital reproduction of the company’s Hollywood-themed cat house.

Maybe your furry friend is not seduced by the Hollywood-themed cat tree? No problem! What do you think of a special bonsai tree for pussycats with multiple branches, or a “martini” style apartment with a bed, complete with a tree to play with and olives as a finishing touch? Hollywood Kitty Company produces an endless number of pedestals for cats, scratching posts, beds and houses with a very entertaining thematic variety, all fully carpeted and customizable for all tastes.

rasp martini
A martini cat house.

Other options include a heart-shaped game, a drone pedestal, a scratching post in the shape of the Eiffel Tower and a variety of houses in the form of vehicles, including a school bus and a sinking Titanic. However, not all furniture is about a specific theme. The Deco line, for example, has curved shapes, rounded openings and a variety of colors. This modern set is inspired by Picasso and DaVinci.

cat 2068462 1280
Is your cat a Hollywood star? / © Pixabay

The company was the brainchild of Kenneth Yuzva, an Ohio native who relocated to California when he was just over 20 years old in the hope of reaching the entertainment world. Instead, he created a line of high-end cat furniture inspired by Hollywood. Since then, his business has grown immeasurably and has managed to expand, via launching a line of dog houses and rodent habitats (his Hammy-Town mansion must be seen to be believed).

broccoli treehouse
A Hammy-Town mansion.

Perfection is in the details

All of these creations have been introduced to the market recently, after months of faultless work and investment in various materials. It takes two months, for example, to assemble a design as complex as the largest one Yuzva has built so far: a tree with six apartments and a tower for cats, with spaces of one and two levels and the size of a wall. Likewise, he uses 300 square yards of carpet annually for his designs, and the price of his most difficult project has been US$5,000; a kind of work of art designed for a lucky iguana ready to enjoy a large elevated platform, a tub of water and heat lamps.

As for those who wonder if other pets will be lucky enough to enjoy these unique pieces, well, there’s great news! The company is planning to incorporate a wide variety of products for fish, arachnids and birds into its offers, as well as creations for rodents, reptiles and amphibians that are already on sale. The birds, for example, will have at their disposal trees and cages, as well as a great diversity of toys.

Whether your furry friends are extremely glamorous, nature lovers or impulsive artists, Hollywood Kitty Company gives them the luxurious style that they deserve.

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