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Linda Higgins: Designer Fashion for Dogs

Mary Elizabeth Collins

Linda Higgins' original creations for Classy Doggie Designs are famous for their canine glamour and elegance.

In recent times, canine fashion has become a fast growing trend among dog lovers. Dressing our pets is a custom that began over 100 years ago in England, during the Victorian era. It was a necessary practice as many breeds, especially the smaller ones, would become ill with colds and flu during the harsh London winters.

Linda Higgins
Linda Higgins.

With the passage of time, small doggie boutiques opened in France, Germany and the United States, creating garments for dogs similar to the everyday clothes worn by their owners. Since then, designing clothes for dogs has become a very successful enterprise in many parts of the world.

There is a growing number of designers and exclusive labels introducing pet fashions for every season. One of the most exciting creators in the global circuit of unique fashion for dogs is Linda Higgins, an American designer who embodies the idea of change, renewal and following one’s dreams. Higgins, was a successful interior designer whose projects appeared in design magazines such as Southern Accents and New Woman. One day, as she watched her three small pets, she decided to change her profession and pursue her life’s calling: designing sophisticated clothes for dogs with style.

Linda Higgins

Higgins’ designs for her firm—Classy Doggie Designs—are famous for their glamour and elegance. Her original creations are the perfect fit for small dogs like the Yorkshire, Poodle, Chihuahua or Shih Tzu, among other breeds. The dog couturier always uses the best fabrics and the finest silks from all over the world. All the brand’s accessories, jackets and jewelry are manufactured in the US and can be purchased in boutiques in New York, London, Milan and Barcelona. Her most successful models are the wedding dresses, evening gowns and her couture collection.

Linda Higgins

Some of Higgins’ creations have been featured in films such as Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva la fiesta! and Seven Psychopaths. The designer also donates a generous portion of the proceeds from sales of her Ella Bea’s line to the shelter where she adopted her beloved chihuahua.

When asked why she decided to design clothes for dogs, Linda Higgins simply replies, “Well, they should not leave home if not appropriately dressed.”



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