Keep Your Dog Healthy, Happy And Well Mannered

Ana B. Remos

Blogs and websites are a great source for finding valuable information for you and your pooch.

Blogs and websites are a great source for finding valuable information for you and your pooch ranging from new doggie products to facts about health and wellness. Conversations about training, events, nutrition, celebrity dogs, dog laws, products and much, much more will bring you closer to that special member of your family Be sure to check out these sites that always entertain and inform.

Keep your dog healthy, happy and well mannered
Dogster is a great site for anyone who has a dog with tons of information on adoption, health, food, breeders and much more.
Named after celebrity blogger Perez Hilton’s dog Teddy Hilton, this site is like a who’s-who of celebrity pups. Funny pictures and articles of celeb’s with their pups, but also informative and inspirational posts, pictures and videos of everything happening in the animal world.
Petco is a crucial stop for any animal owner. Purchase online for easy delivery straight to your home and look through all their products to find the perfect toy, food, or grooming supplies for your dog. An extensive inventory of natural, holistic and organic products are available through this site.
Famed trainer Cesar Milan’s site is great for training tips, reading about behavior, and overall health and wellness information.
For a burst of cute, take a look at this site’s daily photos of puppies doing what they do best: looking adorable!
The whole-dog journal is an enlightening website dedicated to dog health, care, and nutrition. They even have an in-depth section on senior dog care to keep you informed on all matters concerning your pup’s wellbeing.
This is an essential site for people who travel with their pets. It provides worldwide city guides that show pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, attractions and parks. Want to know what beaches are fur-friendly in Spain? Looking for an off-leash park in New York? This site has all the answers and much more.
Pet md is a fur-friendly version of Web md for all your pet’s medical needs and questions. Besides articles and news on health and wellness, they have great multimedia content for everyday entertainment. They even have the symptom checker for dogs and cats! also has a pet version to help you find all kinds of caregivers for your pooch from dog walkers, sitters, groomers, and more. They feature photos and bios so you can choose exactly the kind of caregiver you want for your pet.
Here you have a great teaching tool for you and your pet, especially for new mommies. It has information on many animals beyond cats and dogs to teach you about nutrition, grooming, and overall quality care tips for your pet.

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