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Ana B. Remos

Domestic cats must have toys, hiding corners, and suitable places to climb and play; and they need to continuously exercise their natural instincts. Otherwise, they will be unhappy. As any cat owner knows, if you do not provide spaces for them to let off steam and enjoy themselves, they end up tearing up your curtains, cushions or the back of your favorite sofa. Taking into account the environmental needs of the domestic cats, the Czech firm CAT WORKS offers pet owners two particular and exclusive collections.

The first is the Alphabet Collection, which is (you guessed it) inspired by the alphabet. It consists of the letters A, C, G, M, O, R, S, and T in a range of different colors.

The pieces in this collection can quickly be moved around the home wherever your cat plays. They are very practical for cats living indoors because house cats require extra stimulation. Besides providing places to climb and hide, they have areas for scratching, allowing the cats to strengthen their nails. Each letter combines various functional elements such as reusable areas for rest and warm surfaces for sleeping.

All materials used to produce these unique pieces are carefully chosen to be attractive while providing the highest level of quality and durability. The prices of these original letters range from $500 to $750.

They are ideal products for discerning owners who want to reflect their personality and style through a piece of exceptional design. All of these items are patented and handmade in the Czech Republic.

The second proposal from Cats Works is the Emmental Collection, which is inspired by the shape of Swiss cheese with circles of various sizes.

This collection meets the needs of cats as they grow, beginning when they are young and enjoy jumping and climbing from one side to another, or even to satisfy the intrinsic need to hide away from noise or unexpected visitors and feel safe and stress-free.

Placed on a wall at the right height, it will make your little friends feel calm, and they will adopt it as their personal space. This collection is available in two different sizes and colors. It comes with removable covers made from resistant fabrics especially developed to withstand the continuous onslaught of their active games.

Also of importance, these pieces are easy to clean and maintain because they are easily disassembled and can even be machine washed at low temperatures. The price of this circle is $436 for the largest size, while the removable cover costs $262.

The Alphabet Collection and Emmental Collection by CAT WORKS offer two options of the great design while allowing your beloved cat to feel happy and safe.

Photos by: CAT WORKS.

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