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Barkibu: Your Online Vet

Manuel Perez

A website that provides advice on health and care for your pets.

They are not urgent questions, but you’re unable to discern the excessive amount of information published in just any forum. Going to your local clinic for such simple answers can become tedious, so you want access to a veterinarian who answers your questions online. Enters Barkibu.
Barkibu is an internet platform that offers advice and guidance from professional veterinarians who respond to user concerns and advise them about how to care for their pets.

The services are completely free, but in the case of an emergency, the platform offers a faster answer—with payment via PayPal—in less than two hours. For more severe cases, the site recommends a visit to a clinic and provides the users with a list of those closest to their location.

This initiative does not claim to replace actual consultations or meetings with veterinarians but aims to complement them and—at the same time—teach owners about the need to visit health professionals when their pets are at risk.

The Barkibu vets don’t diagnose your pet’s ailments, focusing instead in giving professional advice. The value of this platform is that pet owners can be confident that their questions will always be answered by professional veterinarians.

The steps you need to take to gain access to a consultation are very simple. You should complete a form with your pet’s information: species, breed, age, name, general symptoms, a detailed explanation, and photos.

Why is a service like Barkibu is so successful? Well, sometimes we do not have the knowledge to determine whether or not we should go to the vet, or do not have the time or the means to do it. In other instances, we have doubts about our pet’s daily needs or their nutritional requirements, and there is a lot of information online, but it is often of poor quality and without the certified professional endorsement. Barkibu offers veterinary service for all pets, and their advice is far from the confusing forums published by amateurs.

From its inception, this Galician company is currently present in 29 countries: Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile, Guatemala, Uruguay, Panama, Venezuela, Ireland, Australia, UK, France, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Salvador, and Paraguay. It already has some 12,000 service veterinarians and receives about 25,000 calls per month.

This company is growing by 150% monthly and has received investments from influential personalities such as Xavier Niel, co-owner of the newspaper Le Monde.

Barkibu’s mission is to inform pet owners around the world about giving their pets the care they need to enjoy happy and healthy lives. The company was created for animals because for Barkibu “animals contribute to making us better people.”


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