Annie Vazquez, from Fashion Poet to Modern Alchemist

Vivienne Nosti

From fashion to helping others deal with their issues and find their balance, Annie Vazquez, a local entrepreneur from Miami, FL has completely transformed her career in fashion into one of helping others through her own experiences. Keep reading below to learn more about her story.

Annie Vazquez, the influencer and founder of the Fashion Poet blog and brand Annie the Alchemist is a trailblazer in her field. When first meeting Vazquez, you can’t help but notice her disarming smile that makes you immediately feel at ease. As for talking to her, you feel as if you have made a real connection, the same way you would if you were talking to your best friend over a glass of wine. Due to her sense of positivity, which is infectious and inspiring to be around, she has gained a million-plus followers.


The Fashion Poet’s story begins in Miami, Florida where she grew up and still resides. From early on in her childhood, she knew she wanted to be a full-time writer and fulfilled her dream by working for companies such as AOL and NBC. However, she found it challenging to survive in her freelance career so she turned to teaching. One fateful summer as a camp counselor, she stumbled upon a female speaker who came to talk about Vision Boards (the hippest way to create your dream life). She was so blown away by the presentation that she promptly dropped into her nearest bookstore purchasing the best-seller, “The Secret” and began down a path of implementing its lessons to create her dream life.

On a day like any other, she went to work and found herself, “Walking down the halls staring at the dingy lights, feeling overwhelmed with sadness.” She decided then and there to quit her job and drive off into the direction of her dreams. Her next career move was to create a blog known as, The Fashion Poet. Vazquez wanted to differentiate herself from other fashion bloggers not by doing street style pieces but instead using her journalism background to showcase different areas of the city of Miami and infusing them with fashion. In the beginning it was difficult, but she always felt “things were going to happen,” and they did. Luxury brand Coach soon came calling and offered her more than she ever dreamed. This was her breakthrough moment that marked her success and gained her the official title of being an influencer.


Vazquez soon found a niche by taking part in fashion networking events. At one of her first events, “Fashion Bloggers Do It Better,” around 200 people showed up and grew organically from there. Neiman Marcus, the luxury American retailer, hired her to do similar events for them. Google also came calling along with retail giant, Bloomingdales. Her business exploded, which has since kept her busy as she continues to build her brand.

In 2015,Vazquez was living between New York and Miami with her then boyfriend. She loved her life in Brooklyn and was getting lots of new and exciting opportunities. After moving in with her boyfriend he decided he no longer loved her and broke her heart. In retrospect Vazquez believes “we all have soul contracts with others that come to teach us certain lessons and there is always a reason for things.”She returned to Miami with a broken heart and took time to work on her personal life with some help from healers and friends.

Soon after this experience, she decided that there was more to life than makeup and fashion. As a result, she launched a new brand known as, Annie the Alchemist, which sells all things alchemy. Her products are tools meant to bring peace to your life and help you on your spiritual journey as they helped her when she was heartbroken and looking for healing.


In addition to running her two phenomenally successful brands, “The Fashion Poet” and “Annie the Alchemist,” she gives back to the community with free events that are open to all as a way of helping others. Vazquez tries to emphasize to those that attend that this is something people can do for themselves. She notes, “In everything you do if you hand your power over to someone else you are not putting yourself in a good place.” As a result, Vazquez believes “we are all armed with everything we need to heal ourselves.”

Vazquez is a true alchemist in the broader sense of the word, as she sees life not only in a positive and uplifting way but as a place where we come to learn lessons. Learning to be grateful for all the negative and positive as everything has a purpose and a reason for occurring in our lives. She is an intuitive healer who has managed to manifest the life of her dreams and now wants to help others in the same way. I for one can hardly wait to see the magic unfold. ■

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