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2015 Z06 Supercar: The Best Corvette Ever

Joe Hurley

The 2015 Corvette ZO6 supersport, the fastest in the history of this brand, is a 625 HP monster that promises to challenge any of his rivals in the sports division.

In the last Detroit Motor Show, General Motors unveiled its 2015 Corvette ZO6, the most powerful and sporty version of the Corvette Stingray following its seventh generation, introduced in 2013. A 625 HP monster, which, according to Chevrolet, has improved so much compared to its predecessor that promises to challenge any of its rivals among the sports cars designed for the circuit.

 Corvette Z06

For the first time in history, a Corvette from the ZO6 range (the original model dates back to 1963) has a supercharged engine. In this case, it’s a 6.2-liter unit with eight cylinders in V, offering a displacement of more than 100 HP per liter. Although the consumption data is not yet official, it is optimistic because its mechanics include a system of selective disconnection of cylinders that translate into low gasoline consumption.

Its transmission sends all the strength of the 625 HP to the rear axle, and drivers can choose between the seven-speed manual gearbox or the new automatic high performance with eight speeds, which allows you to raise or lower the progress using the steering wheel paddles. Regarding the latter, the brand has dared to secure a response even better than that of Porsche’s PDK dual-clutch gearbox.

 Corvette Z06

So far there are no performance figures, and its launch, scheduled for the beginning of 2015, is still far away. However, Chevrolet strives to attract attention providing some details: for example, it promises that this Corvette ZO6 will be the fastest car in history.

It also claims that the vehicle’s aerodynamics have been optimized with the inclusion of attachments that favor a greater downward force (the largest provided in a General Motors car, according to the company), thus improving its grip to the road, even in fast corners. Also contributing to this objective are its powerful wheels with larger tires and up to two inches wider.

If you think all this is not enough, there will also be a more attractive Corvette. In this case, you should opt for the ZO7 performance package, which adds several elements that improve its performance, especially on the road. For example, instead of the Michelin Pilot Sport tires, this variant uses the more extreme Sport Cup 2, as well as carbon brakes and Brembo ceramic. Inside, the Corvette ZO7 package offers sports or competition seats, and a steering wheel with carbon fiber inlay. Depending on the situation, the driver will be able to choose between the three driving modes offered by the stability control.

 Corvette Z06

On the other hand, in Detroit, Chevrolet presented the 2015 Corvette Z06 with the new C7.R, the appropriate version for the Corvette Racing team, which probably will be the protagonist in the next 24 hours of Le Mans. Both share the same aluminum platform, though this one presents some variations such as its huge spoiler and its competition tires. The engine, however, remains the same of the C6.R: a 5.5-litre propeller but with direct fuel injection, whose performance has not yet been revealed by the brand.

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