Scale Models Of Yacht And Sailboats: The Art Of Making Masterful Miniatures

Federico Tibytt

More than trophies or luxury toys, the replicas produced by Robert H. Eddy and Associates' Classic Yacht Models are genuine art pieces made with perfect accuracy using gold, mahogany and other noble materials.

Everybody likes small personal trophies: treasures that feed our souls because when we look at them we can see a reflection of our own development, the result of effort, hard work and dedication. This is the case of the Robert H. Eddy and Associates’ Classic Yacht Models, a renowned arts and craft workshop that specializes in scale modeling, recognized among the best studios in the art of reproducing yachts and sailboats in the world.

Yacht Models

The Classic Yacht Models workshop’s main objective is to build individual pieces of exquisite beauty, respecting quality standards, precision and perfection to live up to the most exquisite jewelers, creating objects worthy of being exhibited in major maritime museums worldwide. Their commitment and dedication to every detail is combined with their keen insight in the selection and masterful use of materials such as the finest woods, silver, gold and precious gems.

Scale modeling is a centuries-old art form, and the company— based in Camden, Maine, in the US— assumed from the onset the responsibility that this activity requires, learning the craft from master jewelers, expert artisans and naval illustrators such as Jay Hanna and Sam Manning. Its founder, Robert Eddy, continues to honor this noble tradition, while adopting constant innovations and new construction techniques, so each piece will surpass the previous one in quality and accuracy. At present, the studio has a computerized control laser cutter that allows artisans to materialize their digital plans with absolute perfection.

Yacht Models

The firm’s principal clients are luxury yacht owners who want to have a replica of their vessel to decorate their living room, office, or the interior of the yacht itself. “Our pieces are three dimensional works of art made for the enjoyment of our customers,” said Robert H. Eddy. It is for this reason that Classic Yacht Models prefers to work alongside the builders of the actual ships to access every detail of the design and incorporate them into their collection pieces.

For years, one of the main customers of Classic Yacht Models was the businessman and collector Tom Perkins, who had scale replicas of his vessels: the Andromeda la Dea sail boat, the legendary The Maltese Falcon and the mega yacht Atlantide.

The studio’s scale models vary widely in value according to the size, the materials used and the amount of work. Their prices start at $60,000, but can exceed $200,000.

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